• When: 01/05/2017
  • QIC: Ronda
  • The PAX: Senator, Honey Do, Scuttlebutt, Hamm, Kamikaze, Viagra, Binary, Two Gloves, Ruby, Baconator

Dusted off the old burpee gauntlet

11 PAX enjoyed a nice cool morning with my revival of the Burpee Gauntlet.

The Warm-up:

25 SSH IC, 10 imperial walkers IC, 10 hillbillies IC, 15 squat IC, 10 merkins IC, 25 flutter kicks IC, and 5 in and out rowers (a rower with 3 in-and-outs, then back down, that is 1).


There were 10 rounds starting at 5 burpees. Each round a burpee was added. In between each round, we did 30 reps of an exercise with a block. Also, we back-peddled 50 yards and ran back after each round. Each round of burpees was a different kind of burpee.

Round 1: 5 super-mega burpees (10 squats followed by 5 merkins, then back on your feet, that is 1)

Round 2: 6 one-arm burpees (3 each side)

Round 3: 7 plank-jack burpees (burpees with 3 plank-jacks at the bottom)

Round 4: 8 Y formation burpees (feet go back at a wide angle)

Round 5: 9 incline burpees on the block

Round 6: 10 one-leg burpees (5 each leg)

Round 7: 11 wide-base burpees (feet go back straight when you hit the ground, when you jump up, you jump up so that your feet go to the outsides of your hands, so you end up with a wide base).

Round 8: 12 180 burpees (6 in each direction)

Round 9: 13 Himalaya burpees (incline burpees on the block with 3 mountain climbers after the merkin)

Round 10: 14 jump knee tuck burpees

The 30-rep block exercises after the rounds included shoulder press, bicep curls, dips, skull crushers, chest press, calf raises, squats, big boys, flutter kicks while holding the block out in front of you, and one arm rowers.

Finished with 5 burpees just in case anyone felt we didn’t do enough burpees.

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