• When: 01/04/2017
  • QIC: Teddy
  • The PAX: Loveseat, Chewie, Spot, Pondo, Stretch, Double Down

Ringing in the New Year at Iron Yard

Seven Pax showed up to swing some bells and sweat out some poison.

The Thang:

warm up – 25 each side straddle hops, imperial walkers, little baby arm circles, squats

Mosey over to the circus  Partner up.  Partner 1 farmer carried the bells while partner 2 exercised, then sprinted to catch up and swap out.  First circuit – five burpees each time.  Second Circuit – 10 merkins each time.  Third Circuit – 5 jump squats each time.

circle up –

1 minute – curls; 1 minute – Goblet squats; 1 minute – KB swings

lap the circus

1 minute – calf raises; 1 minute – KB snatch; 1 minute – curls

lap the circus

20 Russian twist with bell; 20 flutter kicks with bell; 20 LBC

lap the circus

30 reps (10 left, 10 right and 10 center) chest press / reach with bell; Turkish get ups with bell, 2 left & 2 right; 10 napalms with bell.


prayers for CrabDaddy, private intentions




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