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Did you say we were going to the Ice Cream Shop?

12 pax gathered this morning for a jaunt to the ice cream shop.  At least that’s what the QIC said when we started.  Little did everyone realize that they would pass not one but two ice cream shops but were not allowed to stop on the 22 minute out and 22 minute return journey.

Conditions: 64° and 87% humidity

The Thang:

Departed Blockbuster heading north on St. Andrews Road before turning right down Lake Murray Blvd.  Up and down two sets of good hills be turning right onto Columbiana Drive.  The 22 minutes out allowed each run to extend the distance as far as possible before making the return trip back.  Two runners traveled the full distance to Harbison and then return.


BOM Led by Slim Jim


  • T-claps to Major Pain for scouting a route and providing encouragement for all pax this morning
  • Major T-claps to Slim Jim for stepping out on a limb to “do something”.  His something ended up being 2.25 miles.  60 seconds of run followed by 60 seconds of walk.  Rinse and Repeat.  That’s doing more than something!
  • Prayer Request: Major Pain’s mother dealing with kidney issues and awaiting a transplant.

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