• When: 04/25/17
  • QIC: Purple Rain
  • The PAX: Subprime, Silverchair, Cornstash, Boris, Fanny, Nacho, Spot, Backdraft, Huffy, Jenny, Insanity, Doublemint,

Crab Walk Tick Tock

Twas a nice morning, no rain but a little misty. The air was thick, I swear. 5 minutes in, I felt like I had run 5 laps, but we didn’t move from one spot. I somewhat recovered to proceed and punish the PAX (myself for sure). I tried to hit all the major muscle groups, but I’m sure a few were spared. Thanks to all that showed up! Next time I may take a break from the bear crawling and crab walking.

The Thang:
Started off with SSH in cadence 10 slow, 10 fast.

The following in cadence one immediately after the other ala Adrian style:

15 merkins, 15 Mountain climbers, 15 Squats

12 merkins, 12 Plank Jacks, 10 Windmills

Ran to sideline

Crab Walk Clock:

Forward Crab Walked to point A, then did 20 Merkins
Side Crab Walked (3:00) to point B ” 20 Merkins
Backward Crab Walked (6:00) to point C –20 Merkins
Side Crab Walked (9:00) to point D (other sideline of field)

Ran half track length back to starting sideline.

Bear Crawl Clock:

Forward Bear Crawled to point A then did 5 Jump Squats
Side Bear Crawled (3:00) to point B then 5 Jump Squats
Backward Bear Crawled (6:00) to point C 5 Jump Squats
side Bear Crawled (9:00) to point D 5 Jump Squats

Ran to Park – Block exercises:

20 Curls
20 Bent Over Rows
20 Curls
20 Bent Over Rows

Partnered Up:

Partner 1 Farmer Carried blocks length of field and back while Partner 2 does Pull-Ups, switch up.-done twice

Ran back to the school field then did 5 Burpees when reached the sideline.

At the sideline:

Sprinted to other side then did 10 Burpees
Sprinted to other side then did 15 Burpees
Sprinted to other side then did 20 Burpees

Mosey’d back to no flag (my fault)

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