• When: 06/29/2017
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Logo, Two Buck, Chaser, Dusty, Ringer, Veto, FNG Penguin, Sway, OBC, Pinkeye, Moon River, Cheesy, Renfrow, Bluegrass, Heartbreaker

Cinder Blocks Prove Effective at The Columbia Mothership

15 men including 1 FNG posted in the balmy gloom this morning at BrickPile wondering if their workout would be effective. It was for all involved, and they executed all that the Q could dish out. Mumblechatter was less than impressive – Cinder Blocks have a way of destroying your breathing pattern. It was a great morning at our Original AO working out again with some Columbia Redwood Originals and some classic F3 fitness work.

10 squats IC
10 merkins IC
5 squat jumps
5 clap merkins

Decline merkins 1MIN
Lateral step up R/L 1MIN
Ledge In n Outs 1MIN
Box jump Burpees 1MIN
Decline merkins 10
Lateral step up R/L 20
Ledge In n Outs 30
Box jump Burpees 10

Run to Bricks
Partner up
Around the horn
Partner 1 Cinder Block Farmers Carry around loop
Partner 2 10 hand release Burpees
X4 (2 sets per partner)

Cinder Block COP
20 Sit-ups
5 Block Squat Thrusters
20 heel tap Crunches
5 Block Squat Thrusters
20 Iron Cross
5 Block Squat Thrusters
20 2ct Hand Slap Russian Twists
5 Block Squat Thrusters
20 Butterfly Sit-ups
5 Block Squat Thrusters
20 Low Plank Peter Parkers
5 Block Squat Thrusters
20 Flutter Kicks IC
5 Block Squat Thrusters
(believe there were a few more sets in there but can’t remember #fuzzy)

Cusack the Block Around the Horn
20 2ct Mtn Climbers at each island (x6)

Put up Blocks
Run to COT
BOM: Splinter

– Really challenging stuff today, and really nice for YHC to use some Cinder Blocks again. They are in short supply at Hammer, as in we don’t have any.
– Cool to have an FNG at BP today – welcome Penguin to F3.

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