• When: 01/21/16
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Polo, Subprime, String Bean (F3 Summerville), Fade to Black, Kitty, Strom, Mulch, Sheets, Choo-choo, LeVar, Snowbird & F'head

Changin’ Tires & Taking Names

YHC expected it to be colder this morning than it was.  Such is the trick your mind plays on you when the cell phones connection to whatever thermometer is out there tells you it’s snow weather.  Expecting a chill I planned my arrival to #SwampFox with only a minute or so to spare peeling in behind Snowbird.  As we both stepped from our respective Honda’s, he indicated that his near tardiness was due to stopping, good Samaritan style, to check on a lady down the street changing a tire.  While she brushed off his solo offers to help, we couldn’t not go help.  We’re F3.  So, after a quick round of SSH’s to give a pax or two time to scamper into the circle, we began the morning’s beatdown with a trip up Clemson Ave. to check on a lady in need.

Conditions: A balmy 32 degrees



Mosey up Clemson Ave to the Forest Drive intersection where Snowbird, Subprime & Kitty helped a lady put the spare tire on her car and tighten up the bolts.  Everyone else watched from the adjacent parking lot and did the following, all OYO in quick succession:

  • Mercans X 25
  • Squats X 25
  • LBCs X 25
  • PlankJacks X 25

Once the tires were all in good shape and our damsel in distress had pulled away (quick work by the three able bodied pax) we headed back down Clemson, left on Winthrop and stopped behind the church for a second round of the circuit above.

Mosey down Furman to the corner of Furman & Converse for a third round

Mosey around the corner of Furman & Chicora down to Citadel Park for round four of the set above.  Thus we rounded out 100 of each exercise.

At Citadel Park a second circuit was introduced as follows:

  • Pullup Burpees X 5
  • Jump Squats X 10
  • Solo Iron Cross X 15
  • Dercans X 20

Rinse & Repeat AMRAP for 12 minutes (most got 4 to 5 sets in depending on the cycle)

Mosey up Converse to the corner of Converse & Furman… and back to the original circuit of:

  • Mercans X 25
  • Squats X 25
  • LBCs X 25
  • PlankJacks X 25

Mosey back towards CMS and to the top of of #HamburgerHill.  With the clock ticking the pax enjoyed 3 trips down the hill and 3 trips back up…

  • Bearcrawl to the bottom of the hill
  • Sprint to the top of the hill
  • AMRAP LBCs until everyone’s up plus ten more or so until the cycle is repeated (thrice)

Mosey back to the COT.  With time expiring the pax closed with one last circuit of Mercans, Squats LBCs and PlankJacks…  set number six of that if you’re counting.


Devo by Polo – Romans 12:6ff – Do your gifting.  Everyone is skilled in different ways and it is in those ways that you can serve your brothers, your family and your city.  Seek out ways to use those gifts for the good of our community not trying to fulfill someone elses calling but filling the hole for which you were made.


  • T-Claps to Snowbird for living 3rd, spotting a need and leveraging our group to serve someone.  That’s solid 3rd F leadership right there.
  • Good to see Subby making the trip to SwampFox… and for capping the workout with a make-up circuit after having missed the first sequence while helping change a tire.
  • Special Welcome to StringBean out of F3Summerville.  He’s probably going to be visiting on a semi-regular basis.  If you spot him out and about at other AO’s, guys, make him welcome!


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