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Catch Me if You Can

Do you ever feel like you are trying to catch someone but can’t quite get there?  We are trying to catch our big brother Amble, but we are one step behind.  But we don’t feel bad as today was only the start of our third week and we had 13 pax head off into the gloom for another great run.

Conditions: 67° and 70% humidity

The Thang:

BOM prior to run to pray for Sand Dollar’s wife who is in the hospital with some heart issues.  We’re here for you brother.

Completed our routine 3.2 mile jaunt down St. Andrews Road with some PR noted. The two weeks of this routine will help establish great baselines to show improvement.



  • Remember Mary, Sand Dollar’s M
  • Remember Rx, 2.0 will be having open heart surgery on October 1st.


  • Great seeing Uno and A1A out this morning.  They didn’t give up!
  • 30 second decrease in time by Major Pain after his minor pain on Monday
  • Looking for pax for Palmetto 200 – will encourage and evaluate over the next month
  • Friday will be run as far as you can in 22 minutes and then return to starting point full 44 minutes of run

0 thoughts on “Catch Me if You Can”

  1. really, really hate that i missed this morning’s run. would have been nice to tie up with #Amble. hope we get the numbers friday to take that top slot – i’ll be there, sick or not.

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