• When: 07/07/15
  • QIC: Reefer
  • The PAX: Cheesesteak, Big Foot, Wiretap, Ditto, Backhand (FNG Brad Eifert), Slow pitch, Ponch, Valdez, Stand-up, Peppercorn (FNG-Carson Mudger), Reefer

Cardio w/ Pain Stations – Pre-Mudrun Prep

11 Pax with 2-FNG’s braved the gloom and got up from the comfy confines of the fartsack this morning and walked straight into a humid cardio beat down.

Kotters to Stand-up who was a Sandlot regular and has taken the last 6-Months off for posting today and bringing an FNG.

Conditions:  73 Muggy,


The Thang:

Mosey to side parking lot

40 (IC) SSH

15 (IC) Merkins

25 (IC) LBC’s

25 (IC) Squats

Mosey to long field between the school and neighborhood

LIne up in Groups of 5 and 6

Bear Crawl Indian Run as long as it takes to get everyone through the line. (About 50-60 yards)

Mosey to the student drop-off / pick-up area of the school

AMRAP 25 Minutes of the following:

Run approx. .2 mile loop around parking lot.  After each lap perform the following exercises:

1st. Lap – 30 Mtn Climbers

2nd. Lap – 40 Squats

3rd. Lap – 50 LBC’s

4th. Lap – 20 Dips / 20 Incline Merkins on benches

5th. Lap – 10 Burpees

Rinse and Repeat if time allows.  Most got through +/- 15 laps.

Mosey back to the long field

Crabwalk Indian Run in same groups as long as it takes to get everyone through the line

Mosey back to the side parking lot.  Line up on the sidewalk.

Dying cockroach x 20

Iron Cross x 30

Timed out at 6:00am



Mumble chatter about a running group…but for now the following….

– Prowl meets Wed, Fri @ 0530, group run at own pace, ALL paces welcome (North Springs Park)

– Chisel meets Mon @ 0530 @ Sandhills movie theater. Running w/ core work

–Get on Twitter and follow @F3Sawmill, @F3Columbia, to be up to date on all the latest information





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