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Call CSI…there's been a Hit & Run

Conditions: 64 degrees 88% humidity

26 Pax showed up in the gloom for a downPAINment. What they didn’t expect was a Hit & Run workout brought by Crash that left them looking for chalk outlines, police tape and CSI.

The thang:

Run from parking lot to baseball outfield

COP – 4 count in cadence
SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
LBC x 15
Squats x 15
Windmills x 15
High knees x 15
Arm circles x 15
Reverse arm circles x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15

Sprint to first station
COP – 4 count in cadence
Wide arm merkins x 6
Squats x 6
Wide leg situps x 6
Rinse, repeat

Sprint to second station
COP – 4 count in cadence
Carolina Dry docks x 6
Imperial Walkers x 6
Low plank x 30 seconds
Rinse, repeat

Sprint to third station
COP – 4 count in cadence
Diamond merkins x 6
LBC x 6
Flutter kicks x 6
Rinse, repeat

Mosey to football field
Ark Loader
Bear crawl 20 yards
Merkins x 20 OYO
Crab Walk 20 yards
Wide leg situps x 10 OYO
Alligator pushup 20 yards
LBC x 20 OYO
Leapfrog 20 yards
Carolina Dry Docks x 10 OYO
Walk last 20 yards
8 count body builders x 5 IC
Sprint 100 yards back

Mosey/jog to Picnic tables
Dips x 15 – 4 count OYO
Step ups x 15 (each leg) OYO
Rinse, Repeat

Mosey/jog to outfield
Six Minutes of Mary – 4 count in cadence
LBC x 20
Flutter kicks x 20
6 inches x 10 seconds
Low plank x 30 seconds
Low Plank left arm up x 20 seconds
Low plank x 10 seconds
Low plank right arm up x 20 seconds
Low plank x 15 seconds
Wide leg situps x 20 OYO
Mountain climbers x 20 OYO
Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Sprint to parking lot

Great workout, perfect weather. The Pax did an awesome job of busting out the workout and even finished up the Q’s workout early…leaving him time to throw in an impromptu Six Minutes of Mary! While this workout began with the usual jovial jokes within the Pax, it quickly subsided as we cruised to each station for a quick COP. After 3 stations and everyone good and warmed up, the Pax met at the football field for the always fun Ark Loader. They particularly enjoyed the Alligator pushups…similar to spider man crawl, but incorporating pushups. Crash quickly realized this looked much easier on YouTube than it did in real life…but the Pax delivered. Napalm tried to best Pole Climber on the 100 yard sprint, but failed to realize that Pole Climber has afterburners. By the end, the Pax looked beat down, but not defeated. They embraced 6 Minutes of Mary and finished strong on the sprint to the parking lot


– The 2nd F golf outing at Crickentree is scheduled for October 10. Contact Alterboy at [email protected] if interested and check out the pre-blast.

– Two teams for the Palmetto 200 (March 28-29) have been formed. March is a long way out but if you’re interested, we need to go ahead and get a complete head count. Sign up now and show your commitment to F3 and our long term stamp on this state. Contact Chaser at [email protected] for more information.

– Regional Convergence October 26th at Finlay Park.

Prayer Request – Little Rx, Derreck recovering from open heart surgery, Little Socrates, Ian, recovering from surgery, Dish’s M out of the hospital after four weeks


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