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Mud Run Final Update, Teams, and Instructions


Six months has gone by fast, and the Mud Run is near.  Here are final instructions (I lifted most of this from Swamp). He did a bang up job last spring.

To Do:

  • Print out the Leatherneck Waiver.
  • Sign your name along with USMC team number (see attached Team Roster – updated as of 10/3) The team captain is listed first. It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that all teammates have printed and signed waivers (identifying USMC team number) and turn them into USMC staff when picking up bibs.
  • Read the Leatherneck rules disclaimer


  • 4:50: Post at assigned bus launch location (see team roster above; Metro is buses at AG, South is McKee Rd. Elementary, North is GCC)
  • 5:00: Wheels Up
  • 5:01 – 6:45: Preparation, hydration, carbs, 2nd F
  • 6:46 – 7:39: Arrive, check-in, deliver signed waiver (be sure to have team name – see roster), pick up race packets, find a bathroom, talk smack, stretch
  • 7:40 – 9:25: Game on
  • 9:26 – 10:00: Fist bumps and photos – head to buses to pick up change of clothes, shower/change, and return to bus (t-shirt pick-up will be at bus)
  • 10:01 – 10:15: Presentation of Busted Paw
  • 10:16 – 10:45: 2nd F
  • 10:46 – 12:30ish: Return to Charlotte, unload buses, enjoy rest of the day

Start Times – See attached Team Roster. F3 Teams 1 & 2/Leatherneck Teams 78 & 79 will launch at 7:40:45 #matchrace/podium….F3 Team 3/Leatherneck 162 will launch at 7:57 and so on – 2 teams launch every 15 seconds. USMC has provided a 3 minute buffer to let the course clear.

Sundries – Plenty of liquids and some protein for the ride down. Snacks & cold beer on the way back. Just like any race, I would recommend bringing a few items for yourself (e.g. water, stinger waffles, cliff bars). We’ll have a little to eat, but do not plan a full meal, unless you want to buy it from the fine folks at USMC.

Course Details – 6.2 mile all-terrain course with 36 obstacles – http://www.usmcmudrun.org/course.html

Slackers: If you have not paid your $40 for transportation and sundries, do it now (payment link). F3 is keeping tabs. We will find you.

What to Bring:

  • Race waiver – signed with USMC team number (all team members must sign waiver)
  • Running shoes – preferably something with traction
  • Ankle socks – SmartWool suggested
  • Dry fit shorts
  • F3 racing shirt
  • Gloves
  • Towel
  • Soap/Shampoo
  • Change of clothes
  • Flip flops
  • Hat
  • Sun glasses
  • Camera
  • First aid supplies – hopefully a few people with better medical skill than me can throw this in their ruck
  • Trash bag – your stuff will get filthy
  • Cash ($10 optional warm shower)

The Prize

The Busted Paw…see below. Will Dream keep it? We’ll know soon enough.

That is all.





0 thoughts on “Mud Run Final Update, Teams, and Instructions”

  1. Any advice on doing this with contacts in? Bring water/saline to wash out eyes? Are there stations for that by chance?

    1. I ran (believe Nash did as well) with contacts and had no problem assuming you are closing your eyes when going under the logs in the water. There are no stations on the course if you do lose a contact. Might be wise to bring an extra in case one does fall out during that you are not partially blind on the ride home.

    2. Chelms aka Tatertot

      I have kept my contacts in every race without a problem. I just make sure I keep my eyes closed while under the water/mud. No saline stations but there is water on the course. Maybe it helps that F3 goes early. Late in the day after several thousand have gone thru the course might be different story.

  2. Can anyone assist with registration issues? Our team , Mud Be The Shoes, is registered and paid. We are listed as team 224 on the F3 list but the USMC site shows team 224 as Team Petrino. Any assistance would be helpful.


    1. Chris,
      I just talked to them. Was their error, but it’s no big deal. Since everything is finalized, you will just need to check in under that team name. Still sign the waivers with your names and proceed normally. Results will just be posted under Petrino. Sorry for the mix up.

  3. Guys don’t wait on team Muck Dynasty on Saturday morning. We are going to follow the bus down as we are going to stay down there for the rest of the day/night

  4. What happens at the last minute (like right now) that one of you team has to drop out? Can you run with a 3 man team?

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