• When: 09/19/15
  • QIC: Minion & Collar
  • The PAX: Minion, Pondo, Cornstache, Hustler, Chop Shop, Collar

Brutal Battle

The Thang

Run to the end of the parking lot and circle up

Side Straddle Hop Burpees – IC X30 (after ever five Side Straddle Hops do two Burpees)

Myrtle’s Burpee Merkan Ladder 1 to 12 and back down to 1

Run to the bottom of the hill on Falcon Drive where Minion had set up cones for Hill Suicides

Round 1: 20 BBS at each cone (4 stops total)

Round 2: 10 Worst Merkans Ever (definitely lived up to their name)

Hand the Q over to Collar

Run to the Football Field where the tacking dummies were set up

Split into two groups (3 each group) two people on the endline and one at the 50

First person pushes the tackling dummy all the way to the 50 while the other members do 50 squats

Second person pushes the dummy back to the endline while other members do 50 squats

Third person pushes the dummy back to the 50 while other members to 50 squats

Rinse and Repeat with Monkey Humpers

On to the ab circuit (reps of 20 down to 1 or until time runs out)



Russian Twists




Battle shirts have to be purchased today!

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