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Bruce Sutter would be proud

Conditions: 58 degrees  78% humidity

In the wake of the St. Louis Cardinals once again advancing to the NLCS, one could only imagine how happy former Card hurler Bruce Sutter was this morning. Sure, he was happy his old team is moving on in the MLB playoffs. But if he only knew that the resident bearded member of the Strut Brigade had dedicated an exercise routine in his honor, I’m sure he would have been overcome with emotions. 26 sluggers stepped inside the lines at Strut this AM for a good ole fashioned baseball workout.


The Thang:


Jog to centerfield of the baseball field




SSH x 21 IC

IW x 21 IC

Windmill x 21 IC

Merkins x 21 IC

LBC x 21 IC

Mountain Climbers x 21 IC


Sprint to home plate


Partner up

Iron Crosses x 25 OYO / each man


Line up on 3rd base line

Right side shuffle to the outfield fence, and left side shuffle back to home plate.

Karaoke to the outfield fence, then sprint back to home plate.


With partner, Iron Crosses x 21 / each man


Indian Run around baseball field until each man takes a turn sprinting.


Mosey to the bleachers. Get back with your partner.


While one man runs around the bases from 1st to home on the baseball field, partner does exercises on the bleachers.


-Decline Merkins

-Step ups

AMRAP for 9 minutes, alternating men and changing exercises each time.


Mosey to the brick pile. Grab 2 bricks.


Lateral raises x 15 IC

Front Raises x 15 IC

Curl Presses x 15 IC


With partner,

Iron crosses x 21 / each man

1 man does full sit-up while partner does high plank holding his feet x 20 / each man





BOM led by Brother Cy


Great workout out, Brother Cy! The variety and creativity each Q brings to Strut continues to impress. Today’s workout stayed at a constant pace with lots of pain delivered on the pax by our bearded leader. T-claps to the Q for a great job demonstrating how to properly count! Most of the QIC’s at Strut have been very good; I just felt like I was living in the “How to Count” YouTube video this morning. Well done, sir!




The Pre-Holiday Fuel Challenge will begin on Monday, October 14. Information will continue to be posted on the website. It sounds like a lot of F3Columbia is in on this challenge. Won’t you join us, too?


Be in prayer for Will White (Tumbler) and his wife as they are expecting a baby. There have been some complications, but both mom and baby are fine. The doctors want her to make it to 34 weeks before inducing labor.


Even if your running isn’t where you want it, join the pax at Swagger. Walking / jogging will soon turn into running the entire workout. Swagger pulls out of the parking lot  at Blockbuster Video on St. Andrews Road on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30. Hope to see you there!


Chernobyl has the Q for this Saturday. We need a QIC to step up for next Tuesday. How about a first timer contact Alter Boy or Napalm to lead? A tag team Q would be a good way for two guys to lead the pax for the first time.



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