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#SwampFox Goes on a MudRun Prep Indian Run

19 men appeared in the #SwampFox gloom and set off on a 2 mile #DoubleApplesauce #RingRun around the college streets with 6 pain stations mixed in for a mini-Mud Run warmup.

Conditions: 56 with 90% humidity. #chilly

SSH X 25 at COT
Merkins x 10

Begin 2 line Ring Run with continuous Double Applesauce (Indian Runs)
Left out of the #SwampFox parking lot.

PS 1
30on/10off Tibata Merkins x 5

PS 2 (#Morehead’s yard)
CLBC slow count x 20
Russian Twist slow count x 20

PS 3
Citadel Park
Each man Monkey Bar pull-up at each bar x 2 (16 total)
Group Flutter Kick while completing x 50

PS 3
30on/10off Tibata Dive Bomb Merkins x 2

PS 4 (#Fountainhead’s yard)
30 sit-ups OYO
20 burpees OYO

PS 5
30on/10off Tibata CLBC x 3

PS 6
COT low plank x 90sec

BOM led by Chaser

– Good mini-Mud Run warmup with PS spaced much like the Mud Run and working different muscle groups.

– For those that struggled to keep up on the run this morning I’d encourage you to do 2 things: 1. Come to Amble. Yes, you can do it. We have alternate routes for guys looking for lower miles. You’re here to get in shape, you don’t ever need to feel like you need to be in shape before you come out to get in shape. Come get better. Baby steps. 2. And especially if you’re carrying around extra weight, see the Food Challenge announcement below and get on board. I PROMISE YOU, YOU HAVE MY WORD, IF YOU DO THOSE TWO THINGS YOU WILL GET BETTER, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT, I GUARANTEE IT. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE.

– Believe it or not, if you want to do the Mud Run this weekend there’s still a chance you could participate. Contact Sway ([email protected]) for a last minute opening. Few from Columbia have had to bail out but with so many guys coming down from Charlotte and so many committing early, spaces may open up even in the next few days. SEE YESTERDAY’S EMAIL ABOUT SATURDAY MORNING LOGISTICS. LEAVING DREHER AT 6:15. PARK IN THE BACK.

The Pre-Holiday Fuel Challenge will begin on Monday, October 14. Here is the pre-blast here. A lot of F3Columbia is in on this challenge. Won’t you join us, too?

– Plan to attend (and bring an EH’d friend to) the Birthday convergence on October 26th at Finlay Park. It’ll be huge. T-shirts are expected in the coming weeks for those who’ve ordered them so plan to gear up for the big one year anniversary event.

– We’re working on at THIRD Palmetto 200 relay team. We’re up around 28 participants so far with more coming from Greenville, Charlotte and elsewhere. This will not be an event you want to miss. Check the pre-blast for details and contact Chaser or YHC if you’re ready to commit.

– Please keep Apple (Adam Dougherty) and his family in your prayers as his daughter Cate has had some dehydration and intestinal issues over the last several days. Doctors are performing tests.

-Please keep the kids of the Mwandi Orphanage in your prayers. Details of the fire have been posted online and additional information, including opportunities to contribute to their needs, will be distributed by Seeker in the coming days and weeks.

– Be in prayer for Will White (Tumbler) and his wife as they are expecting a baby. There have been some complications, but both mom and baby are fine. The doctors want her to make it to 34 weeks before inducing labor.

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  1. Here are the details for the Trinity Men’s Retreat this weekend:

    It will be held at the Cathedral (corner of Gervais and Sumter). The presenter will be Dean Tim Jones (F3 Dean Wormer), leading reflections on “Practical Spirituality for Busy Men.” Retreat sessions are 6 – 9 pm on Friday (includes oyster roast/chili) and 8:45am to Noon on Saturday. There will be lots of opportunity for relaxed reflection as well as discussion and practical insight on how to bring more spiritual focus to everyday challenges.

    Come if you can.

  2. Thanks to the welcoming committee in the gloom this morning. I was, sadly, leaving for Greenville when my front yard was used for PS #4. Come back any time. I even have a small brick pile and a few CMUs available for bonus points.

    Quote of the morning (from my M standing at the kitchen sink) “Fountainhead… you’re being paged…” In the words of Woody when confronted by a similar visitation, “That’s the sound of accountability” Who from SwampFox isn’t getting the same encouragement and accountability? Reach out to an MIA pax. It’s easy to sleep in when no one notices. Notice someone.

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