• When: 09/17/2015
  • QIC: Gypsy
  • The PAX: Gump(#wardaddy), Beads, Subprime, Jennie, Traitor, Windy, Insanity, OC, Spot, Cheesesteak, Strudel, Cesspool, Betamax, Purple Rain, Kenny G(#warbaby), Costanza, Gypsy

BRR #Repat in the Form of an Upper Body Beatdown

17 Brave men decided to swallow the #RedPill today and came out to #Thunder. As YHC and many others are still recovering from the BRR, YHC decided it was time for some upper body work.

Conditions: 60s…are we still in Columbia?

The Thang:

Warm-up lap around the track


SSH x 25
Merkin x 15
Squat x 20
Mountain Climber x 20
Freedom Twist x 20

Jog-it-on-out to Emily and grab some bricks and blocks.
YHC’s bricks had a warm and juicy slug on them #realnice.


Grab the blocks. (Note:blocks were used for OHP only in the first set. Bricks were used for the remainder of the sets with 10 reps in each set).
Overhead Press x 15
Put the blocks down, grab the bricks.
IVTs x 15 (A Splinter favorite)
Bricks down.
Mountain Climber x 20
Russian Twist with bricks x 20
With your block buddy, Flutter-kicks x 30

This entire set was completed 3 times.

Time for a change of pace. Line up on Cesspool.

Bear crawl to the cone(Approximately 40m).
Jog back.

Duck walk 20m, then crab walk to the cone.
Jog back.

Back to COP

8-count bodybuilders x 10 with a few extra merkins mixed in.

Grab your bricks.
Overhead Press x 10
IVTs x 15
YHC offers the PAX an opportunity to stop the madness for a small fee of 10 burpees. The PAX glady accept YHC’s offer.
10 Burpees were performed OYO.

Put the bricks and blocks up.

Jog back to COT…but wait! There’s more!


Overhead Air Press x 51 #crowdpleaser
Mountain Climber x 20
10 Burpees OYO.




  • Sign up for the Mud Run! Sign up individually and then contact Myrtle to find a team.
  • P200 prices increase at the end of the month. The P200 is a great opportunity for those who would like to be a part of a relay team. It’s also a great opportunity for relay veterans to ramp it up a knotch and do something crazy like an ultra team #choosetheharderthing.
  • New AO: 9/29 launch of #Blitz 5:45-6:15 boot camp option at Memorial Stadium in Rosewood. High intensity yet very FNG friendly #paintthefence

Devotion led by Traitor. Great advice and scripture for those who have daughters that are involved in gossip.

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