• When: 09/17/15
  • QIC: Chaser
  • The PAX: KennyG, BatBoy, Minion, ShadeTree, CoPay, Wingback, Chaser

#Legion of BOOM

7 men arrived in the cool gloom ready to take the hour long #Legion redpill. They got a redpill alright.

62 degrees.


4 Corners Ring Run (all together): At each corner do 20 merkins OYO, 30 squats OYO, 40 CLBCs OYO

Legion Circuit
35 minute AMRAP
Partner with one 45# plate per pair
Move the plate as quickly as possible around the Legion Loop stopping at each of the four corners for work. One lap = 1/2 mile. Each partner does all the reps at each stop.

21 Squats (butt on ankles)
15 Thrusters (butt on ankles)
9 Hand Release Merkins (plate on back)

21 Shrugs
15 Overhead Press
9 Front Raise

21 Calf Raises (plate overhead)
15 Lunges (count both legs, so 15 total reps)
9 Wide Hand Release Merkins (plate on back)

21 Flutter Kicks (Plate extended over chest, count one leg only)
Plank 45 seconds (Plate on back)
9 Diamond Merkins (Plate on back)

Deposit plates back into the #Tundra and COP

Flutter Kicks x 55
Butterfly Situps x 15 x 3 sets
Low Plank x 60 seconds

led by YHC

– Solid work by the pax this morning. As I suspected, moving the plate between corners was as hard or harder than the work. Arms, shoulders, forearms can tell. All pax completed two laps on the circuit so that means the pairs moved the plates over 1 mile. This group is truly THE mid-week redpill. One hour seems like forever on a weekday.

– #Blitz launches 9/29. 5:45-6:15 at Memorial Stadium in Rosewood. EH your Rosewood friends. Cornstache is AOQ.
– MudRun sign ups continue. Sign up now, form your team later. Just sign up.

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