• When: 09/17/2015
  • QIC: BedBugs
  • The PAX: Dry Heave, Teddy, Flay, LandLine, RestStop, Froyo, Landshark, lowdock, Oddysey, Chewy, SideSaddle, Llama, Happy Trees, Pondo, HolyTech, Crack, SilverBullet, Bedbugs, Stretch

Little Indian Circle Run

A great morning to get a few laps in at the Shed.  Really enjoy the group and the push that everyone has to complete all exercises.  thanks for the support in my 2nd Q at the Woodshed. Great group of men!!

Conditions – So Nice!!

The Thang – 

Warm Up with Side Straddle Hop – 30 IC & Little Baby Arm Circles – Total 30 IC

Mosey to Macon to do some intervals –

  • First Set of Intervals – 3 Sets of Merkins – 30 Sec on then 10 sec of running in place
  • Second Set of Intervals – 3 Sets of Squats – 30 Sec on then 10 sec of running in place
  • Third Set of Intervals – 3 sets of High Knees- 30 Sec on then 10 sec of running in place

Mosey back to brickpile – grab bricks and head to the Circle of Trust for a Little Indian Run

Little Indian Circle Run

  • For this excercise, we divided up into teams of 4.  Each line started with bricks doing curls.  The last person in the line took off and ran the full circle until they met back up with their team.  This continues until all 4 team members had made the circle at least once(or actually more than once).
  • While the team made the circle, the Little Indians completed curls, tricep extenstions, lunges, shoulder press and side arm raises.

Great job to all the pax for making it a great workout!!


  1. Mud Run is coming up
  2. Grit Iron has now started
  3. Meadowfield School yard work day this Sat 8:30AM – 1PM per Backhoe
  4. Papercut also leading book study on Phillipians on Tues 6PM at Eastminster Pres

Prayer and Devotional

Rejoice in ME always.  Fantasizing about future happiness will never bring fulfillment because fantasy is unreality.  No matter what is going on, you can rejoice in your Love-relationship with God.  This is the secret of being content in all circumstances.

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