• When: 2020-02-19
  • QIC: Binary
  • The PAX: Baconator, Blooper, Two Gloves, Swingline, Binary

Breezeway beatdown @ Valhalla

5 pax mustered up the energy and willingness to show in the gloom at Valhalla this morning on a wet and soggy day.  No worries for getting too damp as Binary was on the Q and he definitely was going to push the pax but no excess water was on the weinke board.

Conditions – 59 and wet


The Thang

Mosey to block pile for coupon and meet under breezeway.

Windmills – 15 IC

SSH – 15 IC

Mtn Climbers – 15 IC

Merkins – 15 OYO


3 Rounds of 11s w/ Coupon. Run and Plank until 6 arrives

Curls for Girls/Bent over Rows

Overhead Press/Dips

Calf Raises/Goblet Squats

Rapid Fire Round – Run to designated spots to complete the following exercises and reps. Big Boys until 6 arrives

SSH – 100

Mtn. Climbers – 75 Double count

Flutters – 50 Double count

Merks – 25

Burps – 10

Chest Press – 100

Take long mosey back to block pile

Finish w/ Imperial Squat Walkers until time – 12 IC

COT – Binary

BOM – Binary

The pax put in great work.  Not as much comedy as usual since we were missing Back Stop but a good time none the less.

Moleskin – Binary challenged pax to be Philippians 2 men that seek in “everything” to put the needs of others ahead of themselves.  Why do this? Because as Paul writes in verse 5, “your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.”  Jesus modeled the sacrificial life of putting others’ needs ahead of His own in His willingness to come to earth, live among us, and die for our sins.  May we all follow after this example and love others as he did.


Friday Run in Wildewood.  Meet at normal Valhalla AO.  5:15 AM start.


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