• When: 2020-09-29
  • QIC: Kemba & Pondo
  • The PAX: SilentBob, Rosinbagger, CPL, OnRamp, CareBear, TomTom, Chewy, SilverBullet, CornDog, Serena, Pipeline, JarJar, BloodWork, Teddy, Odyssey, Kemba, Pondo

Boxing Day (but not in Canada)

17  Pax posted for a boxing inspired Beatdown with F3Kemba on Co-Q with YHC.

Conditions:  Cool and Dark

The Thang: After an appropriate disclaimer from YHC, Kemba warmed us up with Arm Circles x 20 F&B, then we got to a real #CrowdPleaser with the Verticle Mtn. Climbers, starting at 25 and then doing 24, then 23, all the way to 1.  Then we did 25 merkins, 25 LBC’s, 20 Alternating Lunges w/ a 1-2 punch at the top.

5 minute mosey around the circus (Kemba is preparing for a race, in addition to a boxing match)

More Verticle Mtn. climbers (from 10 to 1)

Mosey to behind the gym and partner up for a DORA of Merkins (150), Squats (200) and Horizontal Mtn. Climbers (250)

another 5 minute mosey around the circus. followed by more Verticle Mtn. Climbers (15 to 1), calf raises on the curb x 40, Russian Twists x 40.

We finished off with a modified version of “Rough & Rowdy” (minus the body blows) with the pax forming a circle and the guys in the circle AMRAP’ing squats, while 2 partner groups go inside the circle and did 25 Decline Merkins on the curb, then switch out with the next 2 partner groups until everyone has done 25 Decline Merks.

Mosey back to the parking lot.

Socially Distanced COT and BOM w/ prayer by YHC.

Moleskin:  this was a lot of fun.  Great Pax.  YHC really enjoyed working with Kemba on this Co-Q and mixing it up some to include some of Kemba’s boxing exercises.  He’s looking for sparring partners.


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