• When: 2020-09-15
  • QIC: Teddy
  • The PAX: Bloodwork, Care Bear, Odyssey, Rosinbagger, Kemba, Silver Bullet, Banjo, Corndog, Bonesaw, TomTom, Pondo, Silent Bob, On Ramp,

Blocking & Tackling at The ‘Shed

14 Pax lined up on a beautiful morning @F3Woodshed and celebrated the return of football by #getting better.

The Thang:

Warmup – 20 Sidestraddle Hops (in cadence), 20 Imperial Walkers (in cadence), Little Baby Arm Circles (12 forward, 12 back, 12 overhead claps, and 12 raise the roofs, all in cadence), 20 Windmills in cadence, and 20 Squats OYO.

Mosey to the cage and grab cinder blocks

Circle up for modified Oklahoma Drill (missed you, Squirrel) – each pax shuffles around the inside of the circle, staying low and punching the block out to arms’ length as they pass in front of the rest of the pax.  Pax that are “punched” follow up with a Blockie.  Once all pax have completed the circle, Rinse and Repeat in the opposite direction.

Mosey up to the field and partner up for a block Dora:  each pair of partners completed 50 blockies, 100 flutter press with the blocks, and 150 squats.  Partners alternated exercising with running out 40 yards and back, then lunge walking 40 yds out and back with the block, then back to running.

Circle up for some Block Mary:  20 LBCs with the block (in cadence), 20 overhead extensions with the blocks (in cadence), and 20 Russian Twists with the block (in cadence).  Return blocks to the cage.

Mosey back to the field for 4 x 40 yard dashes.  The winner of each race was exempted from the 3 burpees the rest of the pax completed.  T-claps to Silent Bob for full commitment in the first race, going head first into a full layout to secure victory in a tightly contested run.

Mosey back to COT

Count off and Name-O-Rama

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