• When: 2020-09-12
  • QIC: Sunday Driver
  • The PAX: Pickaxe; Hammer; DARPA; Thumbs Up; Granola; Quisenberry; Canseco; Sunday Driver

A Snacky Gleeson Bizzarro Saturday Drive

Your YHC began the morning with a last minute pickup Q, been doing these long enough I figured I could do one off the top of my head.  Got out early at 5am to get in some interval running with Quisenberry and Granola for an hour.  So, then began my first Q without a weincke and it went well.  Needed some motivation from the PAX to speak up and put some energy into it, but other than that and renaming a few exercises, the morning went smoothly.  I know most of you are surprised, but I am a huge talker and you get me with Thumbs Up while Q’ing, things are going to get very A.D.D. quickly!  Main job of the workout was to not aggravate Canseco’s knee but get his work in.  Nan’Tan hung in for a solid prayer before leaving for a Pinetar practice.  Lastly, watching Pickaxe try and help Hammer not have his hands unfold doing an ALPO, caused Dad to have a good chuckle.  Lets get into the meat and potatoes. 
Weather: mid 70’s and some wonderful amounts of humidity
The Thang:
TTT x10 IC
RTR x 15 IC
Dirty Bird x15 IC
Maraca Nigh Club x15 IC
Merkins x10 OYO
Mosey to the Planter
Start counter clockwise 1/2 way in incline plank crawl
Incline Merkins x10
Clockwise to start in incline plank crawl
Incline Merkins x10
Repeated x2
Attempted a decline rotation, followed by 10 decline merkins and well, we attempted before all PAX except Granola and Pickaxe passed out from too much blood on the brain, scrapped that idea and moved on!
Mosey to the Block Pile
Take Block to BBall Court
Begin Block Suicides
Exercise begins with 20 reps of Q’s call, then suicide run to half court, full court and begin next block exercise.
Curls for the girls x60
Tricep Extensions x60
Overhead Chest Press x60
Chest Press x60
Body Rows x40
Ran out of time to finish last two sets
Mosey to Flag for Mary
Fast paced no rest Mary for some good ab burn
BB Sit up x 20
Heel Touches (aka Toe Touches) x20
Knee Cups (aka Knee Touches) x20
LBC’s x20
Flutter Kicks (aka Leg Lifts) x20
Boat Canoe for a minute 30 with some rowing and Michael Phelps
(Shout out to Thumbs UP for reminding me of proper nomenclature of each exercise!)
9/11 Smokehouse in Batesburg/Leesville
Prayer Requests:
Shake N’Bake bone marrow transplant
Closing Prayer




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