• When: 2018-07-26
  • QIC: Wally/Wall-E
  • The PAX: Wally/Wall-E, McNugget, Billy Bob, Eldrick, Apple, Zima, Turtle, Duckie, Chop Shop, Collar

Beatdown and a few practical applications of F3 Bootcamp workouts

YHC is coming off a week and a half vacation to the Northwest and some of my F3 training came in handy during my time off and I wanted to let the PAX know their training can be useful for other things.

The Conditions – hot and muggy

The Thang

  • 25 SSH IC
  • Little baby arm circles forwards and backward as well as raising the roof.  This training came in handy while removing some 30 pound speakers from YHC’s church’s ceiling.  Had to hold it up for about 5 minutes while unscrewing so the arm training helped tremendously.
  • YHC had to carry a 30 pound car seat through the terminals of the airports on YHC’s trip as well as a myriad of other luggage required for a 2 year old 2.0.  I thought some good block training could help prepare the PAX in case they ever ran into a similar scenario.  Grab the blocks and head to the corner of Satchelford and partner up.  Partner 1 farmer carries the blocks while Partner 2 does 6 burpees then sprints to catch up to Partner 1, swap.  Carry all the way down Satchelford to Oak Hill Rd.  Plank waiting for all to arrive.
  • Take the blocks over to the Satchelford Elementary parking lot for some ladder suicides.
    • 10 down to 1 BBS with a suicide in the parking lot in between.
    • YHC could tell the PAX could use a breather so next up was 10 down to 1 and 1 up to 10 Clean and Jerk with the block as well as sweat angels.
    • Last but not least block merkins 10 down to 1 with a suicide after each set.
  • Time was drawing to a close so after partnering back up, farmers carry and 4 burpees on the way back to drop off the blocks and head to COT.
  • COT, BOM


Good work by the Pax posting to Mission this past Saturday.

The Mission Cookout is coming up on August 3rd

F3 Palmetto Place Cookout is August 17th.

Prayer’s for Murph’s child who has some health issue’s going on.