• When: 7-26-18
  • QIC: Wee Wee
  • The PAX: Juice, Lt. Dan, Drysdale, Cyclone, Saucy (R), Dominion, Escobar, RainMan, Rec, Zacchaeus, UpCharge, Mulligan, Wee Wee

2 Years of #getbetterment

Well YHC stepped out of his comfort zone (basically not doing anything physical) 2 years ago to the day and I haven’t regretted a second of it.  So YHC wanted to do something a little out of our comfort zone at the Surge (staying on campus) and that we did today by taking a field trip to Heritage Farms to find some hills.  YHC was glad to see 12 other PAX show-up to help celebrate 2 years of #getbetterment.

Conditions — a little cooler than normal, but still humid.  Low 70’s

2 min warning

1 min warning

Welcome, Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey to the school entrance for SSH x 15IC, Mosey to the Pool at Heritage Farms for TTT x 15IC and OH Clap x 15IC.

Mosey to Barnevelder Drive in Heritage Farms.  Check out the incline on this road next time you are on this side of town.

The Thang:

YHC set-up 2 glow sticks about 60 yds apart.

11’s with Burpee’s at the top and merkins at the bottom.  We ran between glow sticks.

**This street is great for some BRR training**

Mosey back to the school.

At the traffic circle their are 8 trees.  Everyone divide up and pick a tree to start at.

Bear crawl from tree to tree, at each tree 1 Man maker.  Rinse and Repeat until you make a full circle.

Mosey back to the flag for 5 mins of Mary:

Dealers Choice

Juice — Gas pump

Rec — LBC’s

Lt. Dan — Boat Canoe and some upside down Cockroach (not sure if this is in the Exicon)  It was a crowd pleaser and we aren’t sure what muscles it was suppose to work.

Drysdale — Flutter Kicks

Wee Wee — BBSU


Countarama, Namarama



We are at Shawshank on Saturday.  Grave Digger on the Q.

Sweet Baby O 5K August 4th.

Stomp the Swamp 5K August 25th.

BRR September 7-8.

Mentorship program.  If interested please reach out to someone so we can get you plugged-in.

Surge 2nd F at Krafty Drafty August 16th.  Time TBD.


Escobar’s M traveling

Squatter recovery from surgery

Sasquatch recovery from knee injury

Mulligan recovery from ankle injury.


YHC’s church has been working through a sermon series titled “Rumble Strips” Boundaries in our life.  This past Sunday we discussed family boundaries.  This hit close to home as I thought about my 2.0’s getting older and knowing they are going to have some life decisions to make without me be there to guide them in the coming years.  We were challenged by our Pastor to set-up some family boundaries (not only for our 2.0’s, but the family unit in general)  I shared one simple boundary that was shared was having a set curfew of 12 midnight.  I know we all probably had something similar to this growing-up, (and we probably made fun of it or didn’t abide by it growing up) but it is important for to establish something early on and stick to it.  I challenged all the PAX to try and establish some stated family boundaries.

I was also challenged on Sunday with creating a “Family Mission Statement”  We probably all work for a company that has a Mission Statement and there is no reason that each Family unit shouldn’t “Stand” for something.  I challenged all PAX to come-up with a Family Mission Statement that the entire family unit can know and understand that this is what we as The _________________ Family stand for.

Don’t fall into the same trap I have over the past couple of years and take your Family units for granted.  We live in a very cruel world with many unexpected challenges and without our Heavenly Father above and our Family’s we have nothing.  Hug your 2.0’s daily and make sure they know they are loved unconditionally.  Seems simple, but do we really take the time to do it.  Finally make sure your M knows she is the “Queen” in your life.  (Actions and Words)  I will be the first to admit that these things have fallen off for me, not because of anything other than just being comfortable and going through the motions of life.  ALWAYS FIND THE TIME to do what may seem so small but O so important, FAMILY.