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The Battlers Left Behind

AO: Battle
Q: McNugget
PAX: McNugget, Finkle, Hefty (Denver, NC) and Staccato
FNGs: None
4 Battlers who didn’t make the voyage to Charleston 10 yr enjoyed a classic Battle beatdown at the hands of McNugget.

Conditions:  45 and clear skies.  Beautiful!

Warm up:

SSH IC x 15
Slow/fast Merkin IC x 10
Slow/ fast Squat IC x 10
Grass pickers IC x 15
Mountain Climbers IC x 10

Head off from COT to hill behind AC Flora:

Partner up for Dora 1, 2, 3 (cumulative total reps per pair)

100 merkins
200 Squats
300 LBCs

Mosey towards Battle Loop:

Stop at wall for extended wall sit for “Get to Know the Pax.” Here’s where each pax shared a little about themselves while executing the wall sit.

Finkle- originally posted in F3 Denver, NC, moved to Columbia and has two kids under the age of 3. He’s ready to get back in the Gloom now that life is a little less hectic. Sounds like he’s a great fit for Hammer or Swampfox.

Hefty- a pax from F3 Denver, NC, visits Columbia regularly to see his girlfriend who is in the Army Reserves. He’s very active in F3 Denver and enjoys the periodic AO to AO rucks that the Region hosts. This is typically an evening ruck covering about 7-10 miles.

Staccato- a Battle regular, is a trial lawyer and has kids that are out of HS and preparing for their lives away from home. He enjoys giving back to people who need a little lifting up.

McNugget- named such because he is a Farm Credit Loan Officer and makes loans to chicken farmers. Discussed the chicken processing facility in his hometown of West Columbia.

The pax sat on the wall and talked for almost 5 minutes. The talk made the sit much less painful and we got better.

Head to the Battle Loop and grab a block.

Complete Farmer’s carry L/R, Fireman’s L/R, Rifle carry. We stopped for various reps each time we switched:

Overhead press x 50
Curls x 25
Low Rows x 20
Dead Lifts x 20

Head back to COT

BOM- McNugget

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