• When: 1/28/2017
  • QIC: HeeHaw and Heist
  • The PAX: Collar, Robber, Vente, Rosinbagger, Hog, Misfire, Ronda, Splinter, Wingback, Cesspool

Battle Where Work is Done

While sitting in the gloom waiting for the Pax to arrive, YHC tweeted out a brief definition of Battle.

Battle: “Part of war which is well defined in duration, area and force commitment”.  U know it’s hard, just post.

The men that post to Battle expect to be pushed and know it’s going to suck for a full hour. When you Q at Battle, you better bring your best. HeeHaw and YHC were ready for the challenge and eager to embrace the suck. 12 came prepared for Battle.


34 degrees and wet ground. Great opportunities for the heavy pavers to suck the warmth out of your fingers.

The Thang:

First half -YHC

  • Count off 1-2-1-2…  1’s run to football field sideline and do SSHs. 2’s run to get two pavers and run to football field to pick a partner


  • Partner 1 AMRAP Merkin Rows with Pavers (down, up, left arm row, right arm row= count of 1)
  • Partner 2 sprint to other side of football field, then return via Burpee Broad Jumps
  • Continue until 150 Merkin Rows completed


  • Partner 1 AMRAP Shoulder Press
  • Partner 2 sprint to other side of football field, then return via Lunge Walks
  • Continue until 300 Shoulder Press completed


  • Partner 1 AMRAP Curls
  • Partner 2 sprint to other side of football field, then return via Crabwalks
  • Continue until 450 Curls completed


Second Half-HeeHaw

  • Run to far side of school court yard for Battle Tabttas
  • 1 Minute on, 30 seconds rest for the following:
    • Box Squat Jumps (3x)
    • Diamond Merkins
    • Regular Merkins
    • Wide Merkins
    • Squats
    • Split Squats right leg up on bench
    • Split Squats left leg up on bench
    • Heel Tap LBCs
    • Low Plank (how many did we do Robber?)
    • 6 Inches
    • Box Jumps (top of the picnic table jumps for Rosinbagger)
    • Inverted Dips Sky Touches (thanks for that suggestion Splinter!)

Yup that all sucked!



Clown Car to Camden next week (HeeHaw and YHC so far for Q School)


That’s all for now…

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