• When: 10/28/2017
  • QIC: Enterprise & Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Betamax, Noonan, Gypsy, DrummerBoy, Sheldon, FNG Lee ("Tickler"), FNG Johnie ("Gills"), Cage, Zuckerberg, Beads, TommyKnocker, Kitty, Enterprise, Heisenberg, Serena

Thunder brings the Mumblechat2TheMission

Oh yeah, Thunder brought the Mumblechatter to and out of The Mission today. Flags were planted (Thunder, Dawn Strike, Amble, Mission of course), smack was talked, all around good time was had, all 3 Fs were apparent! As The Mission Exchange Program leaned in to its second week, the Thunder AO were good enough to send PAX, and although they fell short of Stumble’s numbers last week, they made up for it in hot air, grumble chatter, and general smack talk! Not to be out done, TommyKnocker, Zuckerberg, and others dished out their own trash talk, and all is still well at Finlay Park.

Today, Enterprise and Heisenberg brought the pain.

C.O.P.: SSHs, Mtn Climbers, Imp Walkers, Reach & Bend, Clap Merkins (“What the $#%* Heisenberg!”), Captain Thors.

Mosey to Amphitheater.
In cadence, alternating at each level:
Going Up: Slow Squats (10), Merkins (5).
Going Down: Dips (10), LBCs (5).

Enterprise & TKnock share what F3 means to them.

Mosey to terraced walls.
Suicides: Climb one wall, run down, repeat for three walls.
Air chair to wait for 6.

Mosey to cones in field.
Relay race in teams of 4. Those not running do Merkins, BBSUs, Squats, Russian Twists.

Mosey to flag.
Wave Merkins (circle-up, each PAX does 1 merkin, 1 at a time while staying in plank, rinse and repeat for 5 merkins). “What the #[email protected]% Enterprise!”


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