• When: 02/25/17
  • QIC: DodgeBall and Chaser
  • The PAX: Robber, Splinter, HeeHaw, Misfire, Hawg, BillyBob, Cesspool, Magnum (Charleston), Venti, Collar, Heist, DodgeBall, Chaser

#Battle, different but same as it ever was…

13 showed up for a #Battle workout that promised to be different but the same. While the Q is tasked with providing a workout that tests every man and does not necessarily celebrate the Qs strengths we all tend to gravitate to what we’re comfortable with and generally that also happens to be our strengths as well. So what had happen wuz Splinter paired YHC and DodgeBall for a #Battle Q. The two of us weigh more than Misfire’s entire family and ingest, on average, two antelopes worth of protein a day. Our #dolphin is not found in long miles on the on the roads or in track intervals, it’s found moving heavy weight, short sprints and just gutting out rep after rep. So toys were brought from home and an agility/sprint/heavy/gut-fest ensued.

Conditions: 60 degrees. Seriously.


DodgeBall’s 30:
Mosey to the practice field and line up on t he cones:
Various sprint warm-up type drills to include high knees, butt kicks, karaoke and then real deal sprints.

Mosey to other cones and form one line:
Various cone to cone drills using an agility ladder, sprints, side shuffles, bear crawls with merkins, burpees, squats, lunges and jump squats mixed in.

The coup de gras: Banded Broad Jumps and Sprints
Let me stop here for a moment to let you know just how bad this sucks. I mean seriously. The broad jumps with a man hanging from a band around you waist weren’t too bad but the 40 yard sprint with him in tow was just brutal. Heart rate maxed out fast. Think sprinting in mud with a monkey hanging off your butt-cheeks. Heck, even holding the band for your partner was alot harder than YHC wanted it to be after sprinting. We did this for what seemed like forever but it was only two rounds…Chaser’s turn.

Chaser’s 30:

Flora parking lot:
Partner Stations: 20 minute clock. Rotate on my call to rotate. While one partner works at 100% effort the other catches his breath and readies for work…

1. 45# plate: 40 thrusters total
2. Rower: 400m sprint total
3. Sled: pull sled 4 times total (45# on sled)
4. 40 partner burpees
5. 40 partner lunges (holding 25# DBs)
6. 40 KBS (45# kb)
A good time was had by all…now to finish them off…

Tug of War: Split into 2 teams
1. Straight up x 3. One team pulls the other team 10 yards to win.
2. Count off each team into 1s and 2s. All pull then call 1s and they turn and sprint 25 yards back to cone and back and jump back in. Call 2s. Continue until one team pulls the other team 10 yards. We did this 3x.
3. Count off each team into 1s and 2s. All pull then Q calls 1s and they drop and do 3 burpees and jump back in. Call 2s. Continue until one team pulls the other team 10 yards. We did this 3x.

By the last few rounds guys were laying all around the parking lot like there had been a drive by (but he’s scared to post at #Battle…boom) and forearms were smoked.

AYG (All You Got) to COT and then flutter kicks x 50.

BOM led by Chaser

– This was different. YHC thought that the pain implements from home brought by DodgeBall and YHC spiced things up and was a nice change up to the more normal, but brutal, run 3 miles and do eleventy million push ups and pull-ups workout. I’d encourage guys to brainstorm and think of different things to bring to your next Q to keep it fresh. Sure it takes more effort and planning but it’s worth it.

– MUD RUN IS COMING. Form your teams now. More info coming soon.
– Israel trip in may 2018. If you’re interested contact me. I’m Q.

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