• When: 2019-01-17
  • QIC: Teddy
  • The PAX: Icehole, Belle, Ash, Pondo, Bloodwork, Birthday Suit, Chewy, Cuddles,


Cool & Clear at The Woodshed – a perfect morning for AshChewy, a celebration of the peaceful transition of power between AOQs.  Appreciation and thanks for the leadership and accountability demonstrated by Chewy and Ash as the torch is passed.

The Thang:

Warmup (in cadence): – 20 Sidestraddle Hops, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Little Baby Arm Circles (10 forward, 10 back), then 10 overhead Claps, 20 Windmills, and 10 double-count Squats.

Indian Run to lower playground and track.

Divide into 2 teams for NASCAR – pax take turns lapping the track once each while the remainder of the team exercises:  first lap, squats; 2nd lap, lunge in place; 3rd lap, bunny hops; 4th lap, squats; final lap, lunge in place.  Ash nipped Cuddles on the final lap for the win; losing team did 10 double-count mountain climbers in cadence.

Mosey over to the brick pile.  Pair up – each pair grabs one cinder block.  Cusak over to the upper playground.

Block Dora:  each pair completed 25 Blockies, 75 Shoulder Presses, and 125 Curls, all with the block. While one partner exercised, the other ran to the playground for 5 pull-ups and back.

Cusak back to brick pile and put blocks away

Mosey back to AOQ

Mary – 20 double-count flutter kicks in cadence; 15 double-count LBCs in cadence

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama

Closing Prayer