• When: 11/10/12
  • QIC: Crotch Rocket(Jimmy Cotchett) and Baby Jesus (Warren Holland)
  • The PAX: Crotch Rocket, Baby Jesus, Heartbreaker, Bill Price(let me know your nickname), Cutler, Taj, Spud, Keebler, First Choice, Roscoe, Ike Rider, Logo, Sway, Mikey, Mississippi Fred, Luke, Spooks Chair, Mission, Opie, Tug, Memphis, Dirty Coke, PDiddy

"Are we going to do that Balls to the Wall thing?"

Tha Thang (Crotch Rocket Lead)

Warm up run to the back fields and COP around the new Shovel flag.

Side Straddle Hops, Merkins, Imperial Walker, Little Baby Crunch, etc

Run to field by parking lot.

Elevens (Wide Arm Pushups/Heels to the Sky)

Jog to the Cement Squares

Step ups



Jog to Baselines

Sprints with Merkins/LBC’s

Mini Suicide

Switch to Baby Jesus

6 Minutes of Mary in back parking lot

Indian runs

Jacobs ladder on football field

COP (SSH, Merkins, LBC’s)

Peoples Chair x2

Cement Square work (Jump ups, Decline Merkins, Dips,Big Crunches)

Run to get the flag


Naked Man Moleskin-

Count-  Every week the number of Pax is climbing.  The fever is catching in Columbia and the fitness level of the guys who have been coming since day one is doubling every week!  We had 23 total this week.

Leads-  Let us know if you are interested in leading!  Next week Baby Jesus will lead the first 30 minutes and then Roscoe/Heartbreaker/Taj will split the last 30.  We are weeks away from a full handoff.  I promise after you lead once you will be addicted!

Shovel Flag-  The Columbia Shovel Flag was delivered this week!  Going forward this should be planted at every workout.  It symbolizes the building of leaders in the community.  Protect it!  With every new Saturday workout you start you will need to add a new flag.

Website-  Please take some time to look thru our website.  We continue to improve the site and will eventually be a “ESPN” type site so Columbia will have it’s own page and links.  Not a computer guy.  We are looking for someone from the Columbia Pax who is a computer type that would volunteer to be the Columbia IT person.  We will give many of you access to the site so you can post weekly backblast and make smart ass comments when necessary.

Emotional Headlock-  We refer to recruiting new members to the Pax as Emotionally Headlocking.  We have heard every excuse in the book.  If you have any folks with excuses you can not overcome let us know.  remember, there are only two requirements for a F3 Pax: 1) Male 2) Needs it!  We had 6 new FNG’s this week.


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  1. I kept telling @CrotchRocket it would work at the #ScreenDoor and kept saying “noooo, I don’t see it Coach. I don’t see it.” Listen, if you give @Shooter enough chances, he’ll run the #PickedFence. Aye.

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