• When: 11/3/12
  • QIC: OBT, Moniteur
  • The PAX: Roscoe, Taj, Stegman, Logo (FNG Stephen West), Mississippi Fred, Showcase (FNG Bill Price), Cutler (FNG Wade Mullins), Romney (FNG William Mormon), Blue Hose (FNG Spence Jenkins), Mel (FNG Curtis Ott), Keebler (FNG Bob Graham), Luke, Spud, Heartbreaker, Windmill (FNG Jim Rogers), Nancy Drew (FNG Chip Hardy), Mission, Mikey (FNG Carl Blackstone), OBT, Moniteur, Senor Chips, Mutiny.

A Downhill-Rolling Snowball

Aye, the Gloom parted and 22 pax gathered at Dreher High School for the momentum-gathering, downhill-rolling snowball that is Capitol City.


The Thang:

OBT Leading …

Jog to back field for warmup COP: SSH to 20, Merkins to 10, LBCs to 15, Squats to 15.

Jog to front field for a series of Cross-Fields: Lunges, sprint, skip, karaoke, sprint, bear crawl, crab walk, backward run.

Line up in 2 rows for Railroad Tie-Hopping races.

Jog to back field, divide into teams of 3 for Tire-Flipping races (plank while your team is off the tire).

Jog back to front wall for People’s Balls: 4 x Balls to the Wall, alternating with 4 x People’s Chair.

Handoff to Moniteur …

Jog to back field for Push-o-Rama: Merkins, Wide-Arms, Diamonds, Carolina Dry Docks (upside-down shoulder press).

Jog to front field for Mary: Knee-Ups, LBCs, Bicycles, Dollies.

Depart campus and jog down Adger Road to shallow hill leading up to stop sign.  Jacob’s Ladder to 5.

Jog back to front field for final COP: Mountain Climbers to 25, Squats to 6 and hold at the bottom for 30 seconds.

Circle of Trust


Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

_ Many thanks to the Columbia pax for welcoming this trio of I-77 travelers and making us feel at home.  It was a real privilege to get to share with you something that has made a big difference in all of our lives and to warm our hands at the fire that Crotch Rocket and Baby Jesus have lit in their hometown.

_ T-claps to War Daddy Showcase (59) and War Baby Mutiny (26), who was in Cola to visit his girlfriend’s family and posted with great enthusiasm.

_ For all you FNGs, the guys who have been at it for a few weeks will back me up: having been through the wringer a couple of times doesn’t keep you from being sore the next day, but it does get a little bit easier each week.  As for the rest of you on the Cola Headlock List who haven’t posted yet, just keep in mind that everyone on this list is at least one (if not more) weeks ahead of you.  Embrace the pain!

_ Thanks for letting us join you for breakfast afterward at the Lizard’s Thicket.  April could not be sweeter and the Second F was awesome, although the menu made me think maybe we should have put in another 30 minutes just to make sure we netted out ahead on the kcal burn for the day.

_ T-claps to CR, BJ and all of you for what you’ve got going, and we look forward to visiting again soon.  Keep headlocking (here’s a guide to fighting off the five most popular EH excuses) and we can’t wait to see where this thing goes.

OBT and Moniteur

0 thoughts on “A Downhill-Rolling Snowball”

  1. I was sitting around the fire with @BabyJesus when this #BackBlast came over the wire and we both cracked up reading the nicknames. “Cutler”, that’s just beautiful. “NancyDrew”? It gets no better Brothers.

    Great to see #COLA rolling. Some (ahem) said it could not be done, but @CrotchRocket and @BabyJesus were having none of that negativity. Aye.

  2. great workout! Loved to see the enthusiasm from some of the new guys and the anticipation to be some of the next F3 success stories. Awesome crew of guys down there…

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