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Anniversary and brotherhood thoughts

 Today marks the 3 year anniversary of F3 Columbia, so I’d like to add my thoughts. I received my name Jar Jar at Brickpile a little over a year ago, and for the first 8 months posted regularly and enjoyed the benefits. I’ve gotten to experience helping open 2 new AO’s (Woodshed and Stumble), EH’d some FNGs and helped assign names (you’re welcome Odyssey and Precious), added to the lexicon, #mumblechattered vigorously, had a blast with some thematic Q’s, was blessed to lead some Devos, and grew through a Bible study, not to mention staying in decent physical shape.


  The past 8 months though I’ve posted very little, for a combination of good and bad reasons. In fact, some of the current regulars at my AO’s don’t even know me, of which I am ashamed. If there is a version of the REMF in which a person talks a great Twitter game but doesn’t put any skin in the real thing, that’s me. However, my point here is to say that despite (and through) my failings, I am still very glad that the F3 Nation exists.
 I have had good friends in my life, but rarely have I had a true brotherhood with a group of men (I wasn’t in a fraternity in college). Now, as a busy professional with a wife and 5 small children, I have even less time to develop and maintain meaningful bonds. In fact, as I said, I rarely even post nowadays. But, the men of F3, my brothers, somehow have overlooked that deficiency. Primarily via Twitter, but also elsewhere, I still feel the love and support of those men I have sweated alongside in the past. I’m not shunned as an outsider, and am always welcomed heartily when I do show. Even as I feel lame about my poor husbanding & fathering, or about rarely contributing to the 2nd and 3rd F’s, or not helping enough in flood relief, etc, I’m encouraged by the manliness and the sua sponte shown by my brothers. They point to Christ, my hope and glory, as they show His love to the harassed and helpless, and how to live a life to glorify Him in all endeavours. Even now, in all my wretched sadclownness, I’m still a vital part of something bigger than myself. This is F3 Nation.

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  1. Jar Jar will forever in many of our minds be known to us woodshedders and stumblers as the guy with the entertaining Q themes. Anytime his name comes up on the Q list, it is a must see adventure. Hoping that we can experience these again soon…except maybe the #shackleton…brrr!

    While the bootcamps are always great, it is our run group #Stumble where I truly owe a debt of gratitude to Jar Jar. While Serena, Beacon, Pipeline, Skirt, Belding, Holy Poker and others have helped to sharpen me in the last year to the point where I can now consider myself a respectable runner (#ISI); it was Jar Jar that took the time to look past his own pace development and slow down to run with a newbie like me. He regularly would drop back and attempt to engage me in conversation (Jar Jar is a talker on the run, if you hadn’t noticed), to which I could usually only gasp one word answers. Through these runs with Jar Jar, i learned that I don’t have to stop and walk at the first signs of fatigue. I can break through this wall and continue
    running. Because of Jar Jar, Serena, Beacon, Pipeline, Belding and the rest of the #Stumble crew, YHC has transformed from a sadclown that could barely run a mile, to a runner that has now run a
    half marathon, completed the BRR, and is extremely excited about how much faster I can become.

    Here’s hoping that Jar Jar can post again soon so that maybe I can repay the forever and help to sharpen him as he did me…and carry on a conversation that involves more than one word grunts. Also looking forward to some entertaining Q themes…it is after all almost time for the second annual zombie hunt.

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