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An Abtastic Thursday at The Brickpile

27 pax with 2 FNGs posted at The Brickpile on Thursday. They were greeted by Windmill who answered the call and made his maiden journey into the world of QIC.

Conditions: 73 degrees and clear

The Thang:

Warmup lap around Dreher High School

Circle Of Pain
Jump Lunges x 30
Wide arm merkin x 30
Frog crunch x 40
Squat Kicks x 30
Off Set Merkin x 30
Toe Taps x 30
Standing Lunges x 30 each leg, three stages (crowd pleaser — Feel the Burn)
The Survivor (planks n push ups) x 12
Slow Freddie Mercury’s x 30
Jump squats x 30
Off Set Merkin x 30
Slow Flutters with hip raise x 24

Run: Lap around DHS to Heartbreaker’s Brickpile
Weighted Low Plank
High Plank with Shoulder Taps
Supermans (10 upper body, 10 lower body, 10 combo’s)
Toe Touches (Superman Crunch) with Brick x 30
Bridges x 30
Side plank with row’s x 15 each side
Low plank with toe taps
Side plank with hip dip
Leg extensions

Circle of Trust

Ball of Man

Naked Man Moleskin:

  • Windmill’s first Q was light on running and heavy on abs and legs. It’s amazing how we get exactly what we need exactly when we need it. Well done, Windmill!
  • This workout was reported designed by Windmill’s secretary, who is also a certified personal trainer. Windmill took some jabs about that until about rep 20 of the Squat Jumps. Alternate Title of this backblast: “Secretary’s Day”
  • Robber has upped the chatter level. It seems his massive weight loss has revealed his inner comedian. This was particularly evident during this morning’s “Taco Emergency” when Jazz was on his cellphone in the COP. Alas, it was only an electrician.
  • Blue F3 Columbia shirts are available in the Gear Store on www.F3Nation.com. Deadline is Saturday, July 15.
  • Roscoe has agreed to take the initial lead on a Monday/Wednesday bootcamp at Brickpile. Details to follow, but look for mid to late July.
  • Following the COT, a handful of pax let Mission trick them into burpees. AMRAP in 3 minutes, then build by 5 each day following. Windmill then led some stretching, a much needed and mostly overlooked component of injury prevention and overall fitness.


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  1. had to get my passengers home…knocked out 3 min of burpees in the Kim Jung back 40, much to the amusement of my annoying dogs.

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