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#SwampFox Don't Play

Ya’ll, fo real, Swamp Fox don’t play. Twenty-Freakin-Eight with 6 FNGs showed up in The Gloom at Crayton Middle School this morning for a workout Q’ed by Stain.  While this was his first F3 Q, to call this a virgin Q would be an insult to this combat-war-veteran-Infantryman-turned-half-Iron-Man-turned-dry-cleaning-business-manager-guy.  Stain put the pax through it and the only chatter heard throughout was “#$*@! I haven’t sweated this much since Clinton was in office!”. #Lewinsky  Pretty sure no #BrickPile guys could have made it through….#boom

Conditions: 71 degrees with 93% humidity.


.25 mile warn up Mosey around the #BigLot to the football field.

COP (Circle of Pain):

10 x 4 count Merkin

10 x 4 count Chaser LBCs

Rinse and Repeat x 5 for total of 100 Merkins and 100 LBCs in the first 8 minutes of the workout.

30 seconds body squats (OYO – on your own, AMRAP – as many reps as possible)

4 count Flutter kicks x 25

Sit ups 30 seconds (OYO, AMRAP)

4 count Flutter kicks x 25

Rocky sit up 30 seconds (OYO, AMRAP)

Mosey up #HamburgerHill to Coker/Clemson crosswalk.

1-800-AssHole: 800 meter run at 5k pace from Coker to Erskine.

At Erskine: Plank till all there (Plank, Left, Right, Low Plank), Flutters x 15, Six inches (45 degress, 90 degrees, TACO, 45, 90, Six inches). Iron Cross x 30 seconds AMRAP with partner. SWITCH.

800 meter run at 5k pace back to Coker

At Coker: Plank till all there (Plank, Left, Right, Low Plank). 15 x Merkins OYO. Chaser LBC x 15 OYO.

Mosey down #HambugerHill to Football Field #GoalLine

Lunges x 50 yards

30 second Jungle Boi squats (OYO, AMRAP)

Bear craw 50 yards back to #GoalLine

50 yard sprint -10 Burpees 50 yard sprint back to #GoalLine

50 yard suicides x 4

Mosey to #TreeOfLife

20 step ups each leg

15 x Chaser LBC

20 x flutter kicks

Mosey to #BigLot

250 meter inner #BigLot loop from 70% max pace to sprint close.


– Huge turnout today in only the second Swamp Fox workout.  T-Claps to the core of Swamp Fox for really spreading the word and EHing (Emotional Headlock) these FNGs.  11 FNGs in 2 workouts. Wow. #F3Nation

Our first convergence workout is Saturday with the BrickPile workout at Dreher. 7am sharp to 8am and then we go to breakfast at Lizard’s Thicket to drink coffee and talk smack.  For those of you who are solidly Swamp Fox guys: You are representing Swamp Fox at these convergence workouts so let’s show up ready to roll and leave the BrickPile guys in their our brick dust. #SwampFoxDon’tPlay

– Stain dun brung it this morning…nuff said.

– Another new Q on Tuesday…who will it be…

– Kotters to Mulch on his come back from his Chaser-induced hammy pull. #ComeBackPlayerOfTheWeek

– On the first 800 some newbie-rabbit-pax did not comprehend that if we were goining out…we had to come back.  Factor in the sharp decent from Coker to Erskine and the return 800m ascent to Coker scattered the pax like dropping a fox in a henhouse.

-FNG Snuggles (Brunson Depass) barely escaped nickname hell after crop dusitng the pax at the corner of Erskine and Clemson with his 12 hour old Pizza Joint special blend.  He sounded like a ill-tuned outboard motor during his turn at the Iron Cross.

MUD RUN:  Many of us are already on teams for the Mud Run on October 12 in Sandy Run.  F3 presence at this run is HUGE and they broungt 5 chartered buses down from Charlotte for the spring race.  We’re talking 300 F3 black shirts decending on the Mud Run.  Looks like an invasion.  We get the first start times too.  Let me or Sway ([email protected]) know if you’re interested in being on an F3 team.  Check out this from this spring.

Remember next week’s 4 mile road race on the 4th at the corner of Forest Drive and Trenholm (our neck of the woods).  7:43am. Yes, we will have a workout at 5:45 and yes some of us superstuds will do the #DoubleDown meaning the workout AND the race. If you do both you can eat as much food as you want and drink as much beer as you want and probably not gain a pound.  Sign up here.   http://www.strictlyrunning.com/Born.htm

– As discussed this morning…look for the new Amble and SwampFox #ShovelFlags debuting Saturday.

– Also discussed: – New order announced for official F3Columbia t-shirts, loose and fitted.  Click here to order  http://f3.mudgear.com/SC–Columbia_c_30.html.  Read the disclaimer if considering the fitted version.  Get one and wear it with pride – you’ve earned it.

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