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#Amble Report: Falcon Four

Given the solid track beating on Monday and the subsequent massacre at various AO’s on Tuesday, the 11 pax who showed for this mornings #Amble proved their resolve by just getting up.  Still limping a bit, YHC passed around the four mile course of Wednesday tradition knowing it would not be a race pace day in spite of the #F3GC training plan intent.  Nonetheless, when 5:45 arrived, these eleven men trucked it out of the KBC parking lot like it was any other day of training.  Strong work gentlemen.

Conditions:  60 Degrees & 72% Humidity

The Thang:

The Falcon Four miler is contained within the Trenholm, Beltline and Forest boundaries following the course below:


From KBC, cross Trenholm Road and enter the neighborhood at Chicora.  Turn Right on Wofford and Left uphill on Winthrop.  At Clemson turn Right and then a quick Left again onto Forest Drive.  Follow Forest Drive past Gold’s Gym, pause to mock the suckers paying good money for a mediocre workout lacking accountability and any real relationships, before turning Left on Falcon Drive for the jaunt past AC Flora High School (for which the route is named).  Left again on Beltline for a block before making yet another Left on Buchannan.  At Parkman (that is, Converse on the west side of the creek) turn Left and mount the climb up to the Left turn onto Hillside.  Weave onto Idalia and back up to Forest Drive before turning Right and Right again to get on Clemson…  back the way you came down Winthrop, Wofford and Chicora to wrap up the four mile distance back at the KBC parking lot.



  • T-Claps to Subprime, Dos Equis and Termite for their impressive trial run this morning of the planned 11 mile Governors Cup training route.  These three met at 5:15 this morning to get their long run in before work.  Check out the backblast already posted of their experience.  (Disclaimer: their experience of the route and yours may differ.)  Keep your eyes peeled for a pre-blast for the Saturday version of the same.
  • Also, another shout out to (fartsacking this AM?) SlumDog for the Monday track work.  My legs haven’t been pushed like this since my initial days of F3.  Lets just hope this week’s taper down preceding the Mud Run is sufficient to mend!


  • Plan to attend (and bring an EH’d friend to) the monster convergence on October 26th at Finlay Park. It’ll be huge. T-shirts are expected in the coming weeks for those who’ve ordered them so plan to gear up for the big one year anniversary event.
  • We’re working on at THIRD Palmetto 200 relay team. We’re up around 28 participants so far with more coming from Greenville, Charlotte and elsewhere. This will not be an event you want to miss. Check the pre-blast for details and contact Chaser or YHC if you’re ready to commit.
  • The 2nd F Golf Outing at Crickentree is tomorrow afternoon . I have no idea if it’s still not too late to get a spot but contact AlterBoy at [email protected] to get on the details if you can make it.
  • Standing HDHH at Henry’s Wednesday afternoon at 5:30
  • Believe it or not, if you want to do the Mud Run this weekend there’s still a chance you could participate.  Contact Sway for a last minute opening.  Few from Columbia have had to bail out but with so many guys coming down from Charlotte and so many committing early, spaces may open up even in the next few days.
  • Last, please keep the kids of the Mwandi Orphanage in your prayers.  Details of the fire have been posted online and additional information, including opportunities to contribute to their needs, will be distributed by Seeker in the coming days and weeks.

You Humble Correspondent – FH

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  1. No fartsacking for this guy. I am in Charleston yesterday and today. And yes, my quads are still very tight. At the next track meet, we may have to include some disc throwing or shot put to give the legs a break.

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