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Governor’s Cup Half Marathon Training – 11 Mile Pre-Blast – 10/12

This weekend is going to be special…  An ever growing group will be headed down to the Mud Run this Saturday with an army of F3 Nation.  But don’t let that derail your course for the Governors Cup.  The absence of YHC is no excuse.  The miles await you in the gloom as do many of the rest of our #F3GC team.

The course below is, yet again, a portion of the actual Governors Cup route and heads out from DHS timed for a convergence finale afterwards.  We’re back on Lake Katherine end of the course so the Kilbourne hill is again in play.  Download a pdf version of the map which includes turn by turn directions or check out the MapMyRun.com route online.


From DHS cross Devine Street on Ott just as we’ve done in the past heading into Shandon.  This time, though, run all the way to Duncan and turn Left on Duncan to pickup the Governors Cup route on its way to the Lake Katherine Lollipop.  From Duncan, turn Left on Kilbourne, crossing back over Devine, and follow it around and down to the Left turn onto Sanford.  Turn Right onto Kathwood and down to the Left turn back up Woodlake to stay on the Governors Cup route.  Right again on Carter Hill and Right again on Quail.  This right hand Quail turn is often missed because our normal #Amble course goes all the way to KBC.  Stay on track and take Quail to the end for the right hand turn on Shady Lane.

Make sure, when on Shady Lane, to include Milford Lane which IS part of the Governors Cup route.  From Shady, take the right and right again around the Milford chicane and back to Shady to Kilbourne.  Turn Right uphill on Kilbourne and follow it all the way around crossing both Beltline and then Devine before turning Right into Shandon on Wheat Street.  Follow Wheat all the way to King Street.  Instead of turning left onto Devine, as the race route does, stay straight on King crossing over Devine and going all the way to Millwood.

Turn Right on Millwood to rejoin the Governors Cup route and head up to Maple for the right hand turn back toward Shandon.  Cross Devine again and head down to the Left turn on Duncan.  The last mile is the Duncan stretch to a Left turn on Ott Road headed back to DHS.  The official 11 mile mark is just beyond Blossom Street but go ahead and close it out strong at DHS with a strong finish for the COT and BOM.

Launch time on Saturday 6:20.  Ouch.  At an 8:30 mile pace, leaving at 6:20 puts you back at DHS with only a few minutes to spare before the convergence COT.  If you need to head out earlier, do so because gathering back up for the COT is a really rewarding way to round out the morning.  Harder is to get there as people are scattering for Lizards Thicket.  The 6:20 launch will also mean you can send off those of us headed to the Mud Run in style.  Our F3 Columbia Mud Run crew will be leaving from DHS as 6:15.

Also, if you’re going to run the Sunday option or some other option during the coming week due to the Mud Run “conflict” let others know.  On these longer runs, having a partner along the way is not only a good 2nd F opportunity, it’s just good common sense.

Last, in spite of the Mud Run that morning, a water station will be planted on the route. The plan is to place the white cooler at Kilbourne Park Baptist Church.  Kilbourne Park is the white church you face on Kilbourne as you cross Beltline.  On the way back, that puts the water station very near the 6.5 mile mark and, if needed, is a good spot to take a break along the Kilbourne hill.  The precise location will be photographed and tweeted that morning and I’ll also plan on being at DHS before the 6:20 launch time to make sure everyone leaving then gets the specifics.

We wish you well.  Termite, Dos Equis and Subprime all did this same route this morning…  5:15 launch followed by a full day at the office.  If you need motivation to get out of bed for a 6:20 launch, there it is.  Take the pace easy, though.  This is to be a LSD run (Long Slow Distance… not the drug).  Save your race pace for race day and the shorter runs in our schedule.  I’ve learned the hard way this week.  Do as I say, not as I do.



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