• When: 2018-06-12
  • QIC: Spot
  • The PAX: Corn Stache, Paperboy, OC, Jenny, Drive By, Biggie Smalls, Nard Dog, Quick Books, Three Way, Spot, and Beta (would have been there)

All for Beta

10 PAX met in the gloom to #getbetter, and honor Betamax.  All excercises, historically, had been Beta-disapproved.

We started with a quick touch your toes stretch, SSH X 20 in cadence, and then mosied down the street to the first intersection.

Circled up: 10 four count merkins in cadence, 10 four count Russian Twists in cadence, 10 four count squats in cadence, and then mosied to the right to the next intersection.

Circled up: 15 four count wide arm merkins in cadence, 10 heel tap sit ups in cadence, then mosied down into Emily Douglass Park.

Circled up: 10 four count diamond merkins in cadence, 20 four count flutter kicks in cadence, mosied to grab a block.

Kusaked to Blossom @ Queen and circled up.  20 four count goblet squats in cadence.  Ascend the hill half way while curling the block.  Post the block.  20 four count Russian Twists in cadence.  Mosey to the top of the hill.  6 WMEs (worst merkins ever). Mosey back down to grab blocks, and curl them while descending the rest of the hill. Post blocks. Mosey up Blossom to the grassy knoll.  Crab walk to the top, 10 four count merkins, bear crawl (carefully) back down, 20 four count LBCs.  Mosey back to blocks left at Blossom and Queen.  Rinse and repeat.

Curl blocks back to Emily Douglass.  Stow ’em and mosey back to the COT.