• When: 2020-07-13
  • QIC: Pondo but really Ash
  • The PAX: Holy Poker, Pipeline, SilverBullet, Ash

Absentee Q for some hill work

4 pax posted for YHC’s absentee Q (child care issues kept me away) for some hill work at Stumble.  Ash was kind enough to take double Stumble Q duty for Monday an Wednesday to help a brother out.  YHC did come up with the route.

YHC is certain Ash gave an appropriate disclaimer.

The Route:  Turn right out of SBucks parking lot, turn right to leave the Target shopping center parking lot.  Turn Left onto Garners Ferry and right onto Hampton Hill, taking it up, down and around to a sliver of Ft. Jax Blvd, and then slight left on Wild Cat and then left onto Wetherill Dr. Turn Rt back onto Hampton Hill and return to the flag from whence they came.  It was such a great route, that they ran it twice for a little over 4 miles of distance and a little over 400 feet of elevation gain.  I hear SilverBullet really enjoyed it.

Sorry I wasn’t able to physically lead the pax on this run, but I know Ash did an excellent job and that someone did a Devo.  Thank you Ash.

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