• When: 11/11/15
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Skirt, Wingback, Beacon, Landshark, Serena, Holy Poker, Heist, Hee-Haw, Silver Bullet, Ziffel, Pondo, Minion, Pipeline

A Very Special 10K

There are a few veteran-related landmarks in the vicinity, so Stumble decided to tour them all and take Old Glory along for the trip.

Conditions: 46 and foggy

The Thang:

Grab the shovel flag on the way out. Pax take turns carrying the flag for the entire route. Good thing we put those blinking lights on it.

Olde Knight > Wormwood > Veterans > Atlas > Greenlawn > East Exchange > Straight across Garners Ferry through the cemetery > Leesburg > Veterans > Tour the VA Hospital grounds > Garners Ferry > Old Woodlands > Queens Way > Chambly > Olde Knight > AO

COT (Hee-Haw started us off somewhere halfway around the circle and everyone was thoroughly confused…)

COT (…so we started over, this time in the wrong direction)

BOM by Pipeline


  • #TClaps to Minion for shattering his distance PR. Stumble is where #notarunner comes to die.
  • The AO earned its name today more than once:
    • Stumble has never ventured this far to the southeast and for good reason. Atlas, Greenlawn and Leesburg are not runner-friendly, featuring overgrown sidewalks (or none), poor lighting, and big trucks to dodge. If you enjoyed that, you’ll get a lot more of it in the P200.
    • #Cobains for the wrong turn on the VA grounds. Said wrong turn pushed the total distance to 10K though, so it worked out, right?
    • YHC is still picking the pavement out of his palms after stepping off a curb into thin air. Running While Strava can be hazardous. Exercise caution.
  • YHC ran out of time for the planned devotion, but it should be an obvious one today. Remember those who have given of their time, creature comforts, life and limb so that we can enjoy ours. It blows YHC’s mind that he gets to come out daily and do a little PT with Marines, Guardsmen, police, firefighters and others who have personally put it all on the line every day for the rest of us. Thank you for your service.


  • P200 teams are still being formed, so hurry up and jump on in. Race is capped at 115 teams and, at last count, there were 75 registered. Plus cost goes up at the end of the month.
  • F3 Christmas Party, 12/15 at Kings Grant Clubhouse. Stay tuned for details.
  • Holiday Schedule for all Workouts will be as follows:
    • Double-Down Convergence on Thanksgiving Day at Brickpile 0600 and 0700
    • Christmas Eve = business as usual
    • No workouts on Christmas Day
    • New Year’s Convergence on January 2, 2016 Location to be decided
  • HDHH at Henry’s, tonight and every Wednesday night, 5:30 until Boris says you can leave. If you need a permission slip, see Betamax.
  • Standing lunch, Thursdays at noon at Salsarita’s in the Vista
  • F3’s 5th Anniversary is March 5, 2016 in Charlotte. Check the website for details. Event is M friendly, and trust me you don’t want to miss this.

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