• When: 2021-05-24
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Full Monty, Big Time, Boris, Ziffel, Easy Street, Tapeworm, Pipeline

A New Day Dawns at The Bull

YHC’s first day at the reins was a “raging” success.

Conditions: 68 and muggy. #Kotters to summer

The Thang:

Gather at the corner of Blossom and Bull Streets. Run to the top of the Bull Street hill stopping at Devine Street. Hang a left and enter the first of three garage stairwells. Climb to the top and complete 20 merkins. Descend down the same stairwell stopping at the base to complete 20 LBC’s. Continue down the Bull Street hill stopping at the 2nd garage stairwell. Up and down with 20 merkins at the top and 20 LBC’s at the bottom. Continue down the Bull Street hill stopping at the 3rd and lowest garage stairwell. Climb up and down with 20 merkins at the top and 20 LBC’s at the bottom. Continue down to the base of the Bull Street hill rounding the power pole. That’s 1 rep. Rinse & Repeat for 45-minutes completing AMRAP. With each new rep one merkin and LBC is removed (20, 20, 20; 19, 19, 19; 18, 18, 18; etc.).

The Bullseye Strava segment

The Raging Bull option alternates one lap of The Bull and one lap of the Bullseye if you can’t make up your mind.

Yet another option (to be named) goes up the ramps of the Bull Street garage instead of the steps.


Today’s results. Stay tuned for the return of the (simplified) tracking spreadsheet so you can monitor your progress over time.

  • Most laps (The Bull): Ziffel 5.75
  • Most weight (The Bull): Pipeline 33lbs
  • Most laps (Bullseye) Tapeworm 8
  • Fastest pace (Bullseye): Easy Street 9:03


  • YHC is beyond honored to take the reins of one of the most storied AOs in the Tri-Region Area. YHC’s first F3 post was 5/29/14, only a few days after The Bull opened. Thanks to the 56 pax who posted Friday and to the 7 who came back for a second helping today.
  • Today was a perfect example of why The Bull should be a regular stop on your posting rounds. All pax took on their own modification, and all pax came away challenged and better for it. The Bull remains the best PT test that Lexington, Lake Murray, and Columbia have ever come up with. Show up on a Monday and find out what you’re made of, and come back again to see if you got better.


  • A Memorial Day tradition returns next Monday when The Bull runs XL from 0630-0730. Post with your brothers and put in a downpainment on your holiday festivities. Bring the name of a close friend or family member who served your country that you want to honor.
  • The Bull now has a Strava club. Join up and make it even easier to track your progress no matter which flavor you choose.

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