• When: 05/23/2017
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Boris, SubPrime, Insanity, Traitor, Cornstache, Chaser, Beads, Moana, Furlough, Backdraft, McLovin, Lovebug, Purple Rain, CoPay

4 Quarters at Thunder

We had 15 strong men appear in the gloom this morning unafraid of the conditions and YHC. They came to work and definitely accomplished their goal. Not much of the usually humorous chatter at Thunder this morning during the workout – might have had something to do with the 1 mile Sprint-Jogs we did out the gate. Awesome work this morning as the Pax took it like men.

Conditions: wet, humid

The Thang

1 mi Sprint (Sprint straights, jog curves) = 8x100m of sprints

4 Types of 4 Exercises for 4 Rounds, oh yeah…
Burpees x16
Squats x20
Merkins x24
Sit-ups x28

Reg 4
Double merkin 4
Double squat 4
Hand release 4

Wide 5
Catcher 5
Reg 5
Squat Jump 5

Wide 6
Reg 6
Close 6
Hand Release 6

Reg 7
Heel Touch Crunch 7
Straight Leg 7
Butterfly 7

All X4

4 minute AFAP Partner Run (most completed another 1/2mi or more
BOM: Splinter
Devo: SubPrime

Announcement: Special 1 Hour Bull/Bullseye on Memorial Day Monday
Post on Thursday for Chaser’s workout. Yin and Yang.

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