• When: 12/29/15
  • QIC: Betamax
  • The PAX: Paperboy, Shamu, Beads, Jenny, McLovin, Adrian, Insanity, Lederhosen, Betamax, Spot, Fannie, Sister Wife

10-20-30 Farmer’s Square

Well, that was gross.  73 degrees, wet and rainy…and wet.  It was so gross that Boris had to cancel a promised showing.  YHC didn’t anticipate as many Thunder faithful as we had but, as always, those Thunder boys have zero you-know-whats to give when it comes to crappy conditions.

The Thang:
Mosey to the park and circle up for the shortest COT possible


Move to the blocks and each PAX gets two (except for the 2 PAX that were shorted…we need a couple more blocks at Thunder) and Farmer’s Carry to the field for the Farmer’s Square

Farmer’s Carry between corners and at each corner of the square:
10 Curls
20 Overhead Press
30 Bench Press
Flutter Kicks until the 6 arrives

Round 2 – at each corner:
10 Bench Press
20 Curls
30 Overhead Press (these were lousy)

Round 3 – at each corner:
10 Overhead Press
20 Bench Press
30 Curls

Put the blocks up and circle up for 5 Minutes of Mary:
25 Freddy Mercury IC
15 Mountain Climbers IC
20 XYs IC (Rosalita on the 1&2 and Flutter on the 3&4)

Jail Break to the flag


– I’m sure there was probably some mumble chatter but I was too busy trying to keep the block from falling on my face to notice.  It was nice to slow those fast runners down a bit, although I’m pretty sure Insanity was still running during the Farmer’s Carries.

– F3 5-Year convergence in Charlotte this Friday, 1/1.  Caravan of Columbia PAX leaving Dreher High 5AM.
– Columbia PAX convergence this Saturday, 1/2 at 7:30AM at Finlay Park.  Plan on a good time being had by a huge PAX.  Be there or be square!

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