• When: 11/20/2017
  • QIC: Timber
  • The PAX: Sacajawea, Schrute, Stats, Big Load, Neon, Coug, Ratched, Fez (Sumter)

The Steps of Laurens Street

Nine very tough men posted in the gloom this very muggy 70 degree morning.  YHC decided to take a trek through his old high school stomping grounds.  The school is long gone but YHC decided to make use of the remaining steps that currently lead to nowhere.  YHC recalled walking up these steps his first day of high school and being scared to death of what the future might bring.  If the young version of YHC had looked into a crystal ball and witnessed his middle aged self humping the air doing Pretzel Lifts on the steps he would have been very, very afraid of his future for sure.  Hopefully our future will bring a new school near our AO with a key to a playground full of pull up bars and many, many steps. DisclaimerWarm up: SSH IC x 20
Arm circles IC x 15, Backwards IC x 15
Overhead clap IC x 15
Bobby Hurley OYO 10
Lunge IC x 10
Burpee 5  OYO
Wood Chopper IC x 20Mosey to Lyttleton and Rectory Plank Jax 20 OYO
Merkin 20 OYO
Squat IC 15
LBC 20 OYOIndian Run to Grace Church Parking LotFlutter Kicks IC 20
Diamond Merkin OYO 20
Starburst IC 10
LBC OYO 20Mosey to Phelps Auditorium StepsThe ThangFrogger Circuit, 2 rounds

  1. At Phelps Steps- 15 Derkins, Frog Hop across Laurens Street
  2. Memorial Hall- 15 BBSu’s, High Knees down sidewalk
  3. English Building- 5 Burpees, Frog Hop across Laurens Street
  4. Parking Lot exit- 20 Plank Jax, High knees back to steps

-fun, but would have been more interesting with heavy traffic like the Atari game.-LBAC’s IC 10 forwards and backwardsMosey to Camden ArchivesPartner up, alternate Wheelbarrow up steps, both partners bear crawl down Handicapped ramp, jog around circle to steps.4 laps (laps 3 and 4 modified to Lunge Walk down ramp)-Planking exercisesTimber Has a HeartFound Q’s hidden water cooler for a 1 minute 6 oz. water break.  It’s worth noting that the ever tough Stats and Fez refused water.  The Pax shared duty Cusacking the cooler the remainder of the workout.Mosey back to Phelps StepsWith partner completed:

  1. 40 Can Can’s
  2. 40 Pretzel Lifts
  3. 40 Half Rollbacks
  4. 40 Derkins
  5. 40 Lunge Squats

Mosey Back to Grace Church Parking LotTens, inspired by Schrute’s Eleven’s from TuesdayFrom side to side across parking lot.Iron Cross count up 1–10; Monkey Humper down 10-1Indian Run to corner of Rectory and Lyttleton-20 Merkins then sprint to Shovel Flag-COTWe welcomed Fez from Sumter who helped with our very first Boot Camp.  Ratched invited members to Schneider’s Bible study held Sunday mornings at Jet Pools 7:00.  Also the United Way garden project is June 3rd.  Coug encouraged members to sign up for the Charity Challenges Burpee Challenge.  Event runs June 1st through August 31st.  Rewards are given for completing 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 burpees.  Go to charitychallenges.org for details.-BOM

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