• When: 2021-06-03
  • QIC: Harper Valley
  • The PAX: Mayplant (Mad Respect), Ragdoll (Respect), Hope Solo, Kiffin, Bolt (Respect), Tweetsie, Neon (Respect), Sacagawea (Respect), Abacus (Respect), Mayhem (Respect), Crackhead (Respect), Whaler (Respect), Dufresne (respect), Schrute, Harper Valley-Q

Proverbs 27:17 The Rest of The Line…As Iron Sharpens Iron

Temperature: Muggy Humid 71 

Disclaimer/Introduction:  Not a professional so modify as needed but only modify so as to avoid injury, not to cut corners. As Iron Sharpens Irion means you are out there to sharpen others but also yourself. 

Get Bricks at Defender of the Flag Domicile and Mozie to Corner of Fair and Rectory 

 COP-Corner Warm Up

SSH X 20 IC (with Bricks) 
LBAC X 10 IC F/R(with Bricks) 
OH Claps X 10 IC 
Front Claps X10 IC 
TTT X 10 IC 
Merkins X 20 IC 
40 LBC on own 
20 Flutter Kicks L/R One 
20 Oblique Crunches each leg 


Find a Partner and run from the corner of Rectory and Fair to the corner of Fair and Chestnut.

Exercise:  One partner completes Merkins and the other partner does Squats for 50 seconds and then swap exercise for 50 seconds. 

Run to Corner of Chestnut and Lyttleton.  One Partner completes Bench Presses and the other does BBSU for 50 seconds and then swaps for 50 seconds.  

Run to the Corner of Lyttleton and Rectory. One partner completes Lunges, and the other does Curls for 50 seconds and then swaps for 50 seconds. 

Run to Corner of Fair and Lyttleton.  One partner completes Shoulder Presses, and the other partner does LBC for 50 Seconds and then swaps for 50 Seconds.   

MIRROR- REPEAT THE ABOVE IN REVERSE ORDER until return to original AO corner! 

Put Bricks away for final wrap. 

20 Oblique Crunches each leg 
20 Flutter Kicks L/R One 
40 LBC on own 
Merkins X 10 IC 
TTT X 10 IC 
Front Claps X10 IC 
OH Claps X 10 IC 
LBAC X 10 IC F/R(with Bricks) 
SSH X 20 IC (with Bricks) 
Merkins X 10 IC 


Count-a- Rama: Mayplant (Mad Respect), Ragdoll (Respect), Hope Solo, Kiffin, Bolt (Respect), Tweetsie, Neon (Respect), Sacagawea (Respect), Abacus (Respect), Mayhem (Respect), Crackhead (Respect), Whaler (Respect), Dufresne (respect), Schrute, Harper Valley-Q 

Moleskin:  We took some announcements and then prayer request and then somehow we got sideways on a trip to Pig Alley and the fact that Mayplant may or may not have a child from the land of the French. It was a timely story as I watched the habitual morning stroll of the select lady folk.  I tried to regain control to keep the ever-moving penicillin resolution from becoming the broadcast of the moment.  It was funny and interesting and intriguing. 

2nd Moleskin:  The full part of Proverbs 27:17 is this:  As Iron Sharpens Iron so does a man sharpen the countenance of a friend.  We sharpen each other when we look upon each other and know that we have a bond because we have shared not just a workout but our struggles, our pains, our grief, our depressions but also our celebrations and wins.  We are like the definition of the word friend:  close and intimate like a brotherly bond because of shared experience.  We sharpen, make a spark, make a difference and hopefully make our homes and our communities better because we looked on each other’s countenance. 

 I love each and every one of the F3Camden Brotherhood.  We are F3Camden!!! 


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