• When: 2021-06-08
  • QIC: Big Load
  • The PAX: Rico, Snooki(Respect), Wojo, Mayplant(Mad Respect), Heisneberg, Bolt(Respect), Sacajawea(Respect), Timber, Neon(Respect), Mayhem(Respect), Change Order(Respect), Skipper(Respect), Whaler(Respect, Schrute, Big Load

No Plan, No Rain!

It’s been six months since I had to privilege of leading the group. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time come up with a great plan. I noted my assigned date on my calendar and then let the days pass by. With the impending rain forecast, I was even more out of my element. I instructed the PAX to bring their balls(medicine balls) and that should at least give me some direction. Given the lack of planning, this BB may be incomplete or completely wrong!

Warm Up

· Light stretching

o Right over left

o Left over right

o Middle stretch

· SSHs 20 IC

· Imperial Walkers 20 IC

The Thang: Medicine Balls on the Tennis Courts

· Circle up

o Various Medicine Ball exercises

· Dora with Partner

o 100 squat thrusts with the ball

o 200 Bench Press with ball

o 300 merkins(much mumble chatter!)

o Non exercise partner takes a lap around tennis courts.

· Line up on one side of the tennis courts

o 1 Trip across with Medicine Ball on extended arms while lunge walking

o Sprint back

o Karaoke across with ball over head.

o “Balls to the wall”(thanks for the name Bolt)

§ Throw medicine balls against the fence OYO 15 Reps

o Elf on a shelf

§ 15 each side OYO

· Circle back up(some on this list, maybe others as well)

o Squat Thrusts with ball

o Bench press toss with ball

o Partner Situps with ball toss

o Never again dollies

o American hammers

o Reverse Iron Crosses

§ Hold Ball with straight arms and rotate to middle

Count Off – 15 strong, even with the impending rain!


Prayers for Crackheads wife’s shoulder and Sully’s wife’s family.

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