• When: 2020-01-02
  • QIC: Big Load
  • The PAX: Mayplant(Mad Respect), Snooki, Schrute, Neon(Respect), Cornwailis, Kiffin, Abby Wombach(Respect), Savajawea(Respect), Tweetsie, Mayehm(Respect), Whaler(Respect), Skipper(Respect), Magellan, Wogo, Hope Solo, BigLoad.( I apologize if I left anyone out as my phone decided to crap out on the video recording again.)

New Year’s Resolution: Wing It!

I told myself I was going to plan for this workout and have a well-rounded idea going in.  That was before Christmas, a new job and the CFP Playoff game got in the way(Go Tigers!)  I started 2020 off the way my 2019 Qs had gone.  I had an idea in my head but no structure and no idea how long it might take.  At one point in the workout, I made up the idea to have everyone give a new year’s resolution and I started with mine being to better plan my Qs so I can write a better Backblast.  Alas, I didn’t achieve this goal with my first Q of 2020 but I will try to do better.  Due to my lack of planning, anywhere you see generic words (i.e exercise) know that we did something, I just can’t remember what.

Warm Up

Warmorama: Right over Left, Left over Right, 20 SSH IC, 20 Imperial Walkers(IC), 10 Lunges per leg OYO

The Thang

  • Partner up and get one block per team
  • Meet at the Corner of Rectory and Fair
  • Partner one, do Exercise, Partner 2 Halleluiah Carry to the middle of block. Partner 1 run to Partner 2 & take block & run to next Intersection, Partner 2 do exercise and meet partner 1 at next intersection
    • Exercises at each leg included
      • 20 LBC
      • 20 Merkins
      • 20 Freddy Mercuries
      • 20 Plank Jacks
    • Put up Blocks and meet at Tennis court, Keep partners
      • 5 or 6 rounds of this
      • One partner does an exercise at the start, other partner runs to other end does a different exercise and runs back tagging in partner to complete the same.
      • One time we modified running with side shuffle and one time with Bear crawl halfway
    • Meet at Warmup spot
      • This is where the workout went off the rails
      • No more ideas
      • Dealer’s choice
        • PAX state a new year’s resolution (Real, made-up, serious, funny, etc.)
        • Then call an exercise
        • Then pick next PAX
      • This remarkably filled the time exactly.

Thanks to all the PAX for showing up and sticking with me on this made up routine.  After 3 years of F3 and countless Sacajawea led workouts, I thought I might be able to wing it for 45 minutes.

Count Off


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