• When: 2020-01-13
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Hemingway, Iron Mary (R), Dominion, Soaker, Cheers

Went to a Speed Workout and Boot Camp Broke Out

YHC had a great idea, at least it seemed like one, for today’s workout, but some logistics needed to be figured out first. Instead, we modified the idea and came up with something just as fun…incorporating a boot camp into a speed workout!

It went as planned for the most part, just need more miles in there somehow. We did get 1.75 by the time it was over and done. Today was more about building those “power” muscles that make you faster, hips, quads, and calves.  It was all leg, all the way, so miles weren’t as important.

It was good to see Hemingway today.  That is, until he reminded YHC about a tofu turkey he had one time.  Hemingway has all kinds of good ideas about eating like a minimalist.  YHC wishes he had the discipline to do so, but a country boy has got to have his chicken wings.

Here’s how it went down today:

Conditions:  Cloudy, humid, mid 60’s


2 minute stretch

The Thang:

Line up in the parking lot facing the school, gym side.
-High Knees to the curb adjacent to the gym

-Calf raises on curb x 50

-Back pedal to open parking lot

-Mosey to second set of Stairs in front of school and go up and down each flight

-At bottom of last flight, squats x 50

-Mosey to breezeway and sprint all the way to the other side

-Mosey back to starting point and do 50 Bonnie Blair’s

-Al Gore until everyone finishes

-Rinse and repeat 3x replacing high knees with butt kicks on 2nd leg, BKs with lunges on third leg, and lunges with mosey on 4th leg.



-Dam to Dam 2/15

-P200 3/27




-Raft and M


-Our military

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