• When: 2020-01-14
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Wire nuts,She shed,Shine,Gypsy, Muggy Tape,Minecraft, Katniss(Q,R)

Carry The Weight

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Conditions wet and 70°F

No FNGs 



1 for SL . 7 pax for BC

Warm up for 6 pax (1 did his warm up with Elvis) 

SSH 10 4ct IC 

TTT 4ct IC X10 

Windmills 4ct 10

LBAC 10/10 4ct IC keep em up….

OH claps 4ct 10 keep em up….

Seal claps 4ct 10 IC

Imp walkers 4ct IC X10 


The thang 

7 stations 

Make your rounds. Doing 1st exercise at each station.  Advance to next exercise each round.  Keep moving  focusing on form and stamina while bag timer pax is in motion.


70 lb bag carry or 45lb ruck and 30lb bag carry out and back with 10 squats under load 1st round ,decrease by 2 reps until 2 reps done by each pax for final round.

2 cardio


Jump ropes 

High knees 

Mtn climbers 

Rocky Balboas

3 burpees 


Man makers 

Burpees without merkins 

One legged burpees right leg 

One legged burpees left leg 

4 core back


All 4s alt/opposite arm and leg lifts

Reverse plank 


Pickle  pointers

5 arms



Triceps with kettlebell 

Dips on ledge 

Carolina Dry Docks

6 core Abs


Flutter kicks w kettlebell OH

Iron crosses 

Sweat angels 


7 legs(then back to bag carry & squats)

Alt lunges

Monkey humpers 

Squat jumps

Step ups

Jump lunges 

Finish up with merkin ring of fire 2,4,6 8 around the circle. 

Count o rama and name o rama 


Trash pick up at Snakepit feb 8th. Contact Brainiac for info.

Dam2Dam February 15th needs volunteers

3rd Saturday BC convergence at Beechhouse 


Katniss’s mom healing after surgery and client with recent diagnosis Melanoma 

Shines friends Dad passing 

Gypsys family death ,sickness 

Trickle prayer for situation. 

F3 Mirandas Grandmother passed away



This morning we each had the opportunity to carry some heavy weight while the other men performed an exercise. It was up to the guys carrying the heavy load to support the other men by moving purposefully with that load so that the men exercising could continue to exercise without failure.

Jesus carried a heavy load, he carried the worlds sin and died on the cross. He did all that he did with love for his fellow man in his heart.  He did not carry spite ,hate, disdain with that load . When you do something that has to be done do you do it with the right attitude in your heart? Do you do it in a way that causes strife or spite in others lives?  When someone is struggling take up some of their load with a loving heart so that they may continue to move forward.  The weight of sin will surely crush you.  Let Jesus carry it. Share His love with one another. 

Your brother 


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