• When: 04/27/2017
  • QIC: Wojo
  • The PAX: Cornwallis, Mr. Roper, Abby Wambach, Hope Solo, Goose, Stats (Respect), Dufresne, Timber, Big Load, Rocket, House, Schrute, Ratched, Abacus, Sacagawea (Respect), Snookie, Harper Valley, Flight Risk, Neon, Bolt, Wojo, Rerun (FNG) & Probation (FNG)

Insubordinate and Churlish!

Conditions:     Perfect. 63 degrees and clear.I received word last night that I was subbing for a sub. I’m pretty sure both Q’s were hurt and injured (physically and emotionally) after Hope Solo’s Tour De Burpee on Tuesday. With limited time to prepare a workout, I thought of my 3 favorite things: Running, Jacob’s Ladder and Burpees. It took about 20 seconds for the PAX to remind me that we do not share those common interests. I found the attitude of the PAX to be, as the famous Key and Peele once said…”Insubordinate and churlish.”  (See below link)http://imgur.com/gallery/wWobqowDespite protests, groaning, stank eyes and Schrute contemplating giving me a concussion, the PAX pressed on and did a fantastic job. As always, it was a pleasure leading this fine group of men. I consider it an honor and a privilege and look forward to the continued success of F3 Camden. Iron sharpens Iron.Disclaimer                                                      Warm-A-Rama                                              TTT X 10 IC
Burpee Jacks x 25 IC  (5 SSH IC followed by 2 burpees = 1)The Thang

  1. Mosey to Corner of Fair and Chesnut

10 Mercans OYO10 Bobby Hurleys OYO20 Sea Lion Golf Claps OYO

  1. Mosey to Top of Union Street

Jacob’s Ladder10 V-Ups at the Top9 V-Ups ½ Way Down8 V-Ups at the Bottom7 V-Ups ½ Way Up6 V-Ups at the Top5 V-Ups ½ Way Down4 V-Ups at the Bottom3 V-Ups ½ Way Up2 V-Ups at the Top1 V-Up ½ Way DownHold Six, Flutter Kick or V-Ups while waiting for the PAX at the bottom.

  1. Mosey up Fair and Stop Halfway to Chesnut

10 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC10 Squats IC20 Plank Jacks OYO

  1. Mosey to the Bottom of Chesnut

10 Mercans OYOSprint ½ Way up towards Fair10 Mercans OYOSpring to the Top of Chesnut10 Mercans OYOHold Plank waiting for the PAX

  1. Mosey to the Tennis Courts

Line up on the Doubles SidelineSprint to Opposite Doubles Sideline and Back followed by 25 Freddie Mercurys ICSprint to Opposite Doubles Sideline and Back followed by 20 LBCs OYOSprint to Opposite Doubles Sideline and Back followed by 15 Imperial Walkers ICSprint to Opposite Doubles Sideline and Back followed by 10 Iron Crosses OYOSprint to Opposite Doubles Sideline and Back followed by 5 V-Ups OYOSprint to Opposite Doubles Sideline and BackSprint to Opposite Doubles Sideline and Back

  1. Mosey to Warmup Area

Burpee Jacks x 35 IC  (5 SSH IC followed by 2 burpees = 1)Plank/Low Plank/Plank/Right Arm Up/Plank/Left Arm Up/Plank/Low Plank/PlankRecoverMosey back to flag for Count-O-Rama, COT & BOM.Announcements:

  1. There will be an abbreviated workout on Saturday to accommodate those who are running in the Clinic Classic 5K. For those interested here is the link:


  1. Hope Solo reminded the PAX about the Battle of Camden BBQ Cookoff the weekend of May 19-20. Chicken Wing Contest on Friday Night and BBQ contest on Saturay. Food trucks, craft beer, bounce castles, live music, etc. Family Friendly. The benefits a great cause: the Jaycees Stocking Fund. Here is the link:


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