• When: 2021-08-19
  • QIC: Mayhem
  • The PAX: Dufresne(respect), Skipper (respect), Mayplant (MAD respect), Ragdoll (respect), Sully, Stats (respect), Change Order (respect), Timber, Kiffin, Bolt (respect), Weed, Neon (respect), Sacajawea (respect), Tweetsie, Abacus (respect), Harper Valley (respect), Hope Solo, Schrute, Whaler (respect), Big Load, Mayhem (respect)


Conditions: 76 *  100% humidity (in other words SWAMPY!)

Disclaimer: Not a professional. Modify as needed.


SSH x 25 IC
TTT x 25 IC
LBACs x 25 IC (forward/reverse)
Merkins x 25 OYO


PAX moseyed to intersection of Fair & Chesnut hoping to avoid the garbage truck. NO SUCH LUCK!

PAX lined up facing south on white line crossing Fair St. YHC has no idea what this exercise is called but it was inspired by Tweetsie. For lack of a better name we’ll call it the Death Crawl.

PAX bear crawls 4 strides then does 4 diamond merkins, 4 regular merkins & 4 wide grip merkins. PAX bear crawls 8 strides then does 8 diamond merkins, 8 regular merkins & 8 wide grip merkins. Rinse & repeat for 12, 16 & 20. As if this exercise wasn’t hard enough the PAX had to dodge the garbage truck about halfway through. No mumble chatter but lots of grunts & gasping for air!

Continuing south on Fair St., the PAX lined up for an exercise inspired by Flash from Warthog.

PAX does one merkin then one shoulder tap each side then one squat. Take three steps & repeat one merkin, one shoulder tap each side & one squat. Rinse & repeat until PAX reached corner of Fair & Rectory.

Flutter kicks in cadence while waiting on the six.

Heels to Heaven x 20 IC

Tbombs x 20 IC

PAX retrieves large coupons & gathers at the light pole for a spirited round of fun activities such as manmakers, skullcrushers, curls, flutterkicks, chest presses, overhead presses, bentover rows & never again dolly’s!

PAX returned the coupons & gathered at the flag for cold water & COT!

Announcements: Skipper informed us that the Friday night CHS football game may be postponed until 11am Saturday due to weather, covid, etc.

Moleskin: It was awesome to see such a large crowd this morning especially in this humidity. The PAX has grown stronger & it’s becoming increasingly difficult to challenge them!

As always, a pleasure to lead!

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