• When: 2021-03-30
  • QIC: Harper Valley
  • The PAX: Skipper (respect), Heisenberg, Schrute, HopeSolo, RagDoll (Respect), Mayplant (Mad Respect), Bolt (Repect), Big Load, Magellan, Mayhem (Respect), Kiffin, Sacagawea (Respect), Snooki (Respect), Neon (Respect), Crackhead (Respect), Timber, Abby Wambach (Respect), Dufresne (Respect), Cornwallis, Harper Valley (Q)


Intro: YHC has held Q many a time.  I still remember my virgin Q like it was 4 years ago.  Could not sleep the night before, afraid of sleeping in and the fear of calling an exercise I could not complete myself. Flash forward to Q-Eve and the same issues were still alive and well.  Woke up at 230 AM, could not go back to sleep, played the details of the exercises through my head and the confusion of how YHC would explain the Block Hill Challenge. (It was not explained well and as one jerk mentioned later- “There was a lot of confusion on the hill this morning”.  What does he know?  He doesnt even have a cool name!!! Anyway, I left the house 30 minutes early and then halfway to Camden had the sudden urge to visit a duecatorium.  I believed it fear and took Pop’s advice not to trust those colonic aire urges Cornwallis often gets after a night at LaFiesta.  It paid off and we made it through a confusing but tough workout inspired partly by Charleston Bridge PAX and Greenwood PAX. In the words of Abby Wambach, “I will NEVER AVAIL myself of a Guest workout with Greenwood!)

Conditions: Much Colder Than Expected 41 degrees

Disclaimer: Not A Professional Modify As Needed

Warm-up:  Blocks at the Corner of Chestnut and Fair
L o’r R
R o’r L
Bent Over Stretch with Block and Brick

THE THANG #1  Conquer The Hill with Blocks
PAX Parner Up. Task: get the blocks up and down the hill twice. One will carry the blocks and the other will run down and back. Each time you meet, you will do the following exercises:
5 Burpees
10 Merkins
15 Chest Press
20 LBC
Swap block carrier .  Goal is for blocks to continue in same direction and runner to continue in same direction only swapping each time they meet which was a lot for YHC and Schrute.


Thang Two: Murder Rabbit Relay
Round One. Murder Rabbit and 5 Block Merkins (left/right is one). Cusak Walk Back
Round Two. Murder Rabbit and 10 Kettle Bell. Cusak Walk Back
Round Three. Murder Rabbit and 15 Curls. Cusak Walk back
Round Four. Murder Rabbit and 20 OH Press. Cusalk Walk Back
Round Five. Murder Rabbit and 30 Over Block Leg Lifts. Cusalk Walk Back.

Repeat Round One and Two


Moleskin.  Absolute honor to lead this morning.  As we walk through Holy Week, be mindful that ONE TIME, God gave His best for us.  ONCE.  ONCE.

Love You Men!

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