• When: 2021-03-30
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Buzzsaw (R), Ramrod, Grave Digger, Genie, Knozit (R), Lego, Soaker, Garth (R)


WEATHER:  A brisk 44 degrees with thick Pollen in the air and The sprinklers turned on. 

DISCLAIMER AND PRAYER:  Shawshank welcomes FNG Kevin Smoke.


Mosey to the block pile where everyone grabs their favorite block.  Head up to the top field where the sprinklers are not turned on.

COP – SSH x50

Michael Phelps x10

Partner #1 farmer’s carry 2 blocks across field to large light poles and back.

Partner #2 performs exercise and flap jacks upon partner returning.  Keep record of rep count as a team until goal is reached.  A lot of complaining associated with the distance blocks had to be carried, thus YHC believes he planned correctly.

The exercises:

200 merkins

300 Bonnie Blairs

400 LBCs

50 Burpees – Crowd Pleasure

Return the blocks and bear crawl the bridge back to the Shovel Flag.


Knozit is looking for one more for BRR team.

Coon Dog may or may not be recruiting for a 6 man BRR team.

Cross Ruck on Good Friday – 0400 RBHS



Slim Jim

No Show

Detria (Spelling?) – friend of Coon Dog with medical issues. 

Buzzsaw’s sister – Hip replacement

Gold Digger’s very expensive dog ate all of the wrong things.

RAME-O-RAMA: In the high school, Kevin Played in a heavy metal rock band and had a mullet. >>Mullet>>Wayne’s World>>Garth.


As Easter approaches,  thing about this.  If the Cure, requires the death of God’s only son, how bad must the disease be?  You are not going to win your fight against sin by yourself.  You need godly friends, an intentional studying of the Bible, and most importantly a relationship with Christ.  See you on Easter Morning.




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